Completion & Workover Practice Quiz

What are the most common well control methods in workover/completion phase?
Volumetric and lube and bleed
Driller’s and Wait & Weight
Reverse Circulation and Bullhead
Diverting the well
Which of the following valves is a small threaded check valve used to isolate wellbore pressure when installed on wellhead outlets?
TIW Valve
Swab Valve
Valve Removal Plug (VRP)
A _________________ is a downhole tool installed in the tubing that can be used to establish communication between the tubing and annuls.
Sliding Sleeve
Cross over Nipple
The upper most valve on the Christmas Tree installed above the flowline outlet is called __________
Upper Master Valve
Tree Cap
Swab Valve
Pressure Gauge
Set in the Christmas tree or wellhead, it suspends the production tubing and casing
Tree night cap
Master Valve
Tubing Hanger
A _______________ completion is used where the producing formation lacks sufficient consolidation to withstand the friction caused by fluid flow from the formation to the wellbore
Gravel Pack
As temperature increases downhole, brines density
Stay the same
Is this statement true or false? Bullheading is a constant bottomhole pressure method.
How do you identify Lubricator as a barrier in wireline jobs?
While bullheading, gas can “channel” past the kill fluid as the gas migrates through the kill fluid.
A well is perforated in a zone at 10,500 TVD, 12,000 M.D. The formation pressure is 6500 psi. What will be the weight of fluid needed to kill the well?
12 ppg
11.9 ppg
10.5 ppg
None of the Above
Gas will migrate faster in drilling mud compared to completion brine.
What equipment is used when testing christmass tree?
Two way valve
Back pressure valve
Crown valve
To find a hole in the tubing you can run a
Float valve
Pony Tail
Free Point
Hole Search
The risk of swabbing is more likely to happen while pulling
An SCSSVS valve
Lifting sub
____________ Chokes are normally installed on the production tree flow wing and are used to regulate flow from the well
Which of the following circulating methods will result in higher ECD?
Normal circualtion
Reverse circulation
Which of the following valves should be only used in emergencies?
Crown Valve
Upper Master Valve
Choke Valve
Lower Master Valve
For bullheading a well the required bullhead volume and strokes calculations used are
From surface to the bottom perforations
From surface to the top perforations
Shut in tubing pressure is 4000 psi. The fluid gradient in the tubing string is .15 psi/ft. What is the pressure of the formation at 15,000 feet TVD?
2250 psi
15,600 psi
6250 psi
8000 psi
This is a bonus question, What is your name and who do you work for?
{"name":"Completion & Workover Practice Quiz", "url":"","txt":"On a workover well, we can most likely kill the well by, A _____________________ refers to a component on an oil or gas well, which acts as a failsafe to prevent the uncontrolled release of reservoir fluids, A _________________ is a downhole tool installed in the tubing that can be used to shut off production, establish communication between the tubing and annulus","img":""}
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