Money DNA Quiz

When it comes to investing, which sounds most like you?
a. The bigger the better! Some would go as far to call my investment strategy as audacious—I chase opportunities for innovative growth, willing to take risks to achieve substantial returns.
b. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I approach investments like I do anything else – cautiously. I’m in this for the long game and safeguarding my assets, with the occasional predictable investment is the way to go.
c. Berkshire. Apple. I focus on the BIG ones that are also a safe bet. My investments are about one thing – ensuring my family is taken care of for years to come.
Choose a statement that best reflects your current financial focus.
a. There’s a section of sand and saltwater that’s reserved for my Golden Years. I’m focused on enjoying my retirement with my loved one.
b. College years, weddings, and grandkids. Those are all in our line of sight and it shows up most in how we budget and save.
c. Running full speed ahead towards more opportunities and higher earnings. I’m not worried about slowing down long enough to put a plan together. The work I’m doing will take care of all of that when the time comes.
Full nest? Empty nest? What does your household look like today?
a. It’s me, myself and I
b. I’ve got important childhoods in my hand. Creating memories with my young family (and surviving all the phases that come with it).
c. Enjoying an Empty Nest, with the occasional short-term tenant returning. But that’s why our doors are always open.
What best describes your professional life?
a. I have been a staple at my company for years now; enjoying the perks of longevity and ready to see what all this 401k can do.
b. Venture is in my DNA and my career. A born entrepreneur, I’m a seasoned business owner.
c. My only job duties these days are pickleball. I’m starting to settle into my retirement years.
d. My LinkedIn profile is a testament to the corporate ladder I’ve climbed. Executive has been in my title for many years now.
How in sync do you feel your financial goals and your life's purpose are?
a. Completely aligned. I know what I want in life and I’ve got the budget and investments to make it happen.
b. I could use a refresh. I’ll create a budget and a plan, but life happens, I get off course and have a hard time getting back on top of it.
c. I’m not really sure how those two go together. I know I need to make money to be able to afford the lifestyle I want and take care of my family, but that’s about as far as it goes.
d. I don't have specific financial goals. My main focus is on generating income. I trust that as I earn, everything else will take care of itself.
When it comes to spending money, how far into the future do you think before you make a buying decision?
a. My budget is organized in a spreadsheet that I can access from anywhere. Every purchase is well researched and accounted for in my long-term plans.
b. Trip to Fiji? Sure! I’m more of an “in the moment” spender.
c. I’ve got money set aside for my kids, their kids and their kids’ kids. If a big purchase decision comes up that will impact any of that then it’s a no-go for me.
How would you describe your current financial stability?
a. I’m confident that I’ll be fine. I’ve been a planner and saver most of my life.
b. I know that I’ve got a stable enough financial plan, but if there are investments I can make or savings I don’t see that could help me secure a better future for my family then I’m all ears.
c. I feel solid because I’m constantly finding new opportunities to expand my income. That’s all that really matters.
What is the estimated total amount of your savings and investments?
a. Less than 250K
b. 250 - 1M
c. 1M - 5M
d. 5M - 10M
e. 10M+
What is your annual household income?
a. Less than 100K
b. 100K - 250K
c. 250 – 500K
d. 500K - 1M
e. 1M+
What is your age group?
a. 18 - 29
b. 30 - 39
c. 40-49
d. 50-59
e. 60-69
f. 70 or above
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