Jewish News Quiz: Jan. 27, 2023

Why did a group of Jewish faculty boycott a Holocaust commemoration event at James Madison University?
To protest the university allowing a pro-BDS speaker to give a talk
To protest the university's alleged mishandling of a sexual assault case
To protest the university cutting a faculty position in its Holocaust studies department
They deemed the musical selection too celebratory
Which brand recently introduced a kosher product?
Trojan condoms
Old Spice deodorant
Scrub Daddy sponges
Victoria's Secret lingerie
Which Jewish movement has become the second to endorse reparations for slavery?
Which is NOT true of Jeffrey Zients, the Jewish new White House chief of staff?
His mother learned about his first White House appointment watching TV at a kosher deli
He was selected to light the National Menorah in 2012
His home is directly across the street from Barack Obama's Kalorama mansion
Nelson Mandela attended his wedding
Why is a protest for Israeli democracy in New York City being criticized?
It will be held on Shabbat
It will be held at the same time as a Jewish pro-abortion rights rally
Its speaker lineup is entirely Reform
Its speaker lineup is entirely male
What step did the Palestinian Authority take in response to the IDF's raid on Jenin?
Halted security cooperation with Israel
Filed a resolution of condemnation at the UN
Called for a large-scale protest at the security barrier Saturday
Initiated proceedings to impeach its president, Mahmoud Abbas
What percentage of Dutch respondents in a new survey said that their own country was one of the locations of the Holocaust?
Users of a new chat app that uses artificial intelligence to mimic historical figures found that Nazis tended to behave how?
Denied that the Holocaust occurred
Expressed regret for the Holocaust
Launched into antisemitic tirades against Jews
Changed the subject whenever the Holocaust was brought up
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