1. What is epilepsy?
A blood disorder affecting the brain and causing seizures
A progressive condition that weakens muscles and leads to seizures
A neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures
A mental illness characterized by consistent seizures
2. How many people have epilepsy?
65 million worldwide
292,900 in Texas
3.4 million in the U.S.
All of the above
3. What is the cause of epilepsy?
A genetic mutation
Head trauma
There is no one cause of epilepsy
4. How is epilepsy diagnosed?
Blood tests
Brain scans
EEG, or electroencephalography
All of the above
5. How long does the average seizure last?
5 minutes
10 seconds
1-3 minutes
d. 30 minutes
6. What should you do if someone is having a seizure?
Hold them down and try to stop their movements.
Ease them to the floor and on their side, clear the area, stay with them.
Put something in their mouth so they don’t choke.
Try to administer CPR.
7. How is epilepsy treated?
All of the above
8. Who is most likely to be diagnosed with epilepsy?
People under age 20 and over 65
People over 50
9. Who is the first person to describe epilepsy as a brain disorder?
Louis Pastuer
Edward Jenner
Sigmund Freud
10. Epilepsy is life changing because…?
You can’t have a job
You can’t have children
You can’t play sports or drive
None of the above
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