What Should You Do In Memphis?

Have you been to Memphis before?
Photo by Alex Shansky
Will you be bringing the kids?
Photo by Philip Van Zandt
Of course! It's going to be a great family vacation.
Nope! This trip is just for grown folks.
What's your Memphis vacation all about?
Photo by Alex Shansky
Food & Drinks
Music Legends
Live Music
Culture & the Arts
Kids & Family
American History
Visiting My Friends & Family
The Outdoors
The Nightlife
Which social media network do you love most?
 Photo by Phillip Parker
Social media isn't really my thing!
If you had an extra day in Memphis, which hidden gems would you explore?
Photo by Alex Shansky
Emerging artisan boutiques on Broad Avenue
New craft breweries and distilleries, like Wiseacre and Old Dominick's
Intimate live music venues, like Bar DKDC
Stylish cocktail lounges, like Mollie Fontaine's
Soulful dive bars, like Ernestine and Hazel's
Unique places for kids to learn and play, like the Pink Palace
Meaningful places in American history, like Clayborn Temple
Smokey BBQ joints that still under the radar
Unique outdoors experiences, like kayaking the Mississippi
Powerful artistic performances, like a play at the Hattiloo Theater
I'd spend even more time at iconic music attractions, like Sun Studio
Where will you stay during your trip to Memphis?
Photo by Alex Shansky
I'll probably stay at a hotel or motel.
I'm planning to stay at an Airbnb or another type of short-term rental.
I'll be staying with friends or relatives.
I'll camp out in an RV or tent.
I'm just coming for the day!
How would you like to experience live music in Memphis?
Photo by Adrian Berryhill
There’s no place better than the great outdoors!
I’ve always loved stage-hopping at a music festival!
I would love the experience of an intimate songwriter circle!
I like discovering authentic local music off the beaten path!
I want a legendary music experience, like hearing blues on Beale Street!
I want the pyrotechnics of a world-class performance!
Live music's not at the top of my list right now, actually.
Which pairing captures your perfect Memphis trip best?
Photo by Alex Shansky
New & Now
Inspiring & Refreshing
Classic & Soulful
Kids & Family
Outdoorsy & Active
Quirky & Different
Spontaneous & Buzzing
Authentic & Local
How long do you plan to stay in Memphis?
Photo by Logan Young
One or two nights
Three or more nights
I'm just coming for the day!
I'm still deciding
What else you do want to know about Memphis before you come?
Photo by Craig Thompson
I'd like some recommendations, like the best place to hear live music!
I want to know what's new and now in Memphis!
I want to build a big list of things to do and places to go, so I can narrow it down!
I just need the basics, like maps and ticket prices!
I want to know what will be going on in Memphis when I get there!
I want to know all the local haunts and favorites!
I want to see what makes Memphis an iconic place to visit!
I want to to see sample itineraries, so I can plan how to spend my trip.
What's your age?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Under 22
23 - 39
40 - 54
55 - 72
Over 72
What gender are you?
Photo by Dan Ball
I prefer not to say!
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