EJ DiMera Quiz

What name did EJ originally go by when he arrived in town?

EJ Banks
Edmund Walsh
Elliot Wells
EJ Wells

Who was the first Salem woman EJ had an affair with?

Sami Brady
Kate Roberts
Nicole Walker
Taylor Walker

Which job has EJ never held?

Lawyer at Mickey Horton’s firm
Corporate executive
Mayor of Salem
ISA agent

What was the name of the company EJ co-owned with Kate?

Hearth and Home
E-Kate Enterprises
Mythic Communications
Mad World Inc.
Who caught EJ and Sami in the act, the first time they made love?

How did EJ meet Nicole?

She hired him as her lawyer, when she was divorcing Victor
EJ walked in on Nicole and Sami fighting at the pub
They got stuck in an elevator together
He came to her rescue, when she was being attacked

How did EJ learn he was the father of one of Sami’s twins?

He stole DNA test results from the hospital
He overheard Lucas and Sami discussing it
Celeste told him, after performing a voodoo ritual
Stefano forced Sami to ‘fess up

Which of the following crimes is EJ not guilty of?

The hit-and-run that killed Arianna Hernandez
Shooting John Black
Brainwashing Steve Johnson
Raping Sami Brady

What prompted EJ’s affair with Abigail?

He was on the rebound, after a huge fight with Sami
He wanted to get back at Chad for betraying him
He was following Stefano’s orders to break up Chad and Abigail
He was maneuvering to get Abigail to stop looking into Nick’s disappearance

Why did EJ arrange for Anna to kidnap his daughter Sydney?

To keep Sami from getting inevitable custody of the child
To keep Rafe on the case and away from Sami
He wanted to “rescue” Sydney and deliver her into Sami’s arms
To keep his youngest child away from Stefano

Moments after his 2014 wedding to Sami, EJ was arrested for what crime?

Tax evasion
Attempted murder
Corporate espionage

Who brought EJ back to life by injecting him with a serum, after he was declared “dead”?

Dr. Rolf
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