UX Trivia Quiz #10 by Tom Tullis

This control panel was involved in a UX failure in 1979 that could have been far worse than it was. Where was this?
Three Mile Island Power Plant
Kennedy Space Center
Control Tower at JFK Airport
Deepwater Horizon Offshore Oil Rig
This book, The Paradox of Choice, was one of the seminal works in the field of behavioral economics. It has important lessons for UX designers to understand about how humans make decisions. Who wrote it?
Barry Schwartz
Malcolm Gladwell
Daniel Kahneman
Dan Ariely
This person was a pioneering designer, researcher, and educator. She was the longtime art director of the MIT Press, the founder of MIT's Visible Language Workshop, and the first female professor at the MIT Media Lab. Who was she?
Muriel Cooper
Jacqueline Casey
Deborah Sussman
Elaine Lustig Cohen
The primary colors of additive color mixing (by light) are red, green, and blue. What are the primary colors of subtractive color mixing (by pigments)?
cyan, magenta, and yellow
red, green, and blue
orange, blue, and white
black and white
This is the amazingly intuitive user interface for the most popular word-processing program in the early 1980s. It was originally written for the CP/M operating system but was later ported to MS-DOS. What was its name?
Microsoft Word
Widely recognized as the first comprehensive set of guidelines for user interface software design, this book (496 pages!) was published by Mitre Corporation in 1986. Who wrote it?
Sidney Smith & Jane Mosier
Ben Shneiderman
Stephen Engel & Richard Granda
James Martin
In usability testing, what does RTA stand for?
Retrospective Think-Aloud
Regression Time Analysis
Right Time Answer
Really Tricky Analysis
What does the "<ul>" tag in HTML do?
Defines an unordered (bulleted) list
Begins underlining
Defines uniform leading (vertical spacing)
There is no such tag in HTML
The Georgia typeface was designed in 1993 by Matthew Carter. It was intended to be a serif font that would work well printed small or on low-resolution screens. What was the inspiration for its name?
A tabloid headline "Alien heads found in Georgia"
The country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia
Matthew Carter's home state
The University of Georgia
What French-born American industrial designer whose career spanned seven decades was responsible for all of these designs?
Raymond Loewy
Henry Dreyfuss
Charles Eames
Cipe Pineles
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