Which Czocha College of Wizardry House are you?

How would you ideally spend an entirely uneventful evening?
Brew some tea. Maybe relax in bed with a good book.
Meet up with some friends, maybe grab a bite to eat with them.
The nearby sights are quite interesting at night - let's explore!
There's a personal project I'd probably spend my time on.
If the evening is uneventful - I'd better make it eventful!
Night time is the perfect time to do more clandestine stuff.
It's all schoolwork for me, keeping up is important.
Get some early sleep so that you're ready for hard work tomorrow.
None of the above.
Which of the following Mundane pets would you prefer?
An owl.
A cat.
A raven.
A rat.
A turtle.
A dog.
A snake.
I don't really do Mundane pets.
None of the above.
It's your birthday, what kind of gift are you wishing for?
A good book, preferably on a topic I've not yet breached!
A Mundane sword, I've always had a thing for old stuff like that.
A new wand - one that's been made to my specifications.
A ticket to an event I've been looking forward to for months.
I'm just happy to have my friends and family near.
A new pen and copious amounts of ink to go along with it.
A small collection of blank amulets I can mold as I wish.
A new pet, preferably an exotic one that'll make me stand out.
None of the above.
If you were in the position to do so, would you allow your friends to cheat on their tests?
I'm really only doing this on a dare, and that's the important bit.
Sure, that's what friends are for. I'll even make it easy for them.
My friends and I have stuff to do and places to be - let's cheat.
No! Cheating is always wrong and I'd stop them!
I guess it depends on their reasoning for cheating, really.
Honestly, I'd probably be too busy with other stuff during class.
I've actually planned for this moment, so of course I will.
I'd be doing them a disservice - they're going to learn less.
None of the above.
Which of these best express your general approach to discussions and arguments?
I feel like we can all learn from each other if we just try.
I take it pretty seriously, read up on things, cite sources.
I'm more than a little intrigued by the art of rhetoric.
If you're just stubborn enough you'll end up winning by default.
I don't care much for empty words - action is where it's at.
The pen is mightier than the sword - and I'm a born politician.
I try not to get into arguments, it's a huge waste of time.
I'm not into discussions - I'm too fond of my connections.
None of the above.
Which of these subjects are you most excited about attending?
Arithmancy - I love it when systems just fit and make sense.
Technomancy - now here's a subject for modern Witchards.
Conflux Studies - I'm very interested in government and sociology
Invocation - manipulating extra-planar forces is fascinating!
Ritual Magic - I'm a fan of teamwork, so Ritual Magic is perfect.
Magical Defence - it's where you get to cast the spells!
Runic Magic - precision and careful planning is key.
Beastology - learning about creatures and their ways.
None of the above.
Where would you prefer to live when you one day become an independent Witchard?
A cabin in the mountains - with space to think and breathe.
A grandiose castle hidden from the eyes of the Mundane.
I'll probably get a teaching position at a magical school.
A tower on the outskirts of civilization - I'm all about the classics!
Honestly, it does not matter as long as I know the neighbors.
A nice place in some Mundane city - engrossed in modernity.
I'll return to the family and stay with them for a good while.
Something humble where I can use my hands - a farm maybe.
None of the above.
Which one of these terrible fates would you least like to experience?
No matter how well you do, you'll be forgotten by history.
Everyone you know and love thinks you've betrayed them.
You lose the ability to perform work you're passionate about.
No matter what you eat or drink, it'll taste exactly the same.
No one ever again respects you or takes you seriously.
You're cursed to never again make a new friend.
People will always assume you've done wrong on purpose.
You are stricken from the records and lose your family.
None of the above.
Who are the best kinds of heroes?
The rugged anti-heroes who do what needs to be done.
Martyrs who sacrifice themselves so that others might live.
Paragons of virtue who inspire others to be better.
Greek-style conquerors who best anything in their way.
Tragic heroes who want the best but result in much anguish.
Those who beat the odds by sheer determination and grit.
The clever folksy heroes who overcome great odds with guile.
Heroes who get their aesthetics right and really stand out.
None of the above.
You've been offered a gift, which one of the following claims would make you most impressed?
The gift in question is extremely valuable and expensive.
The gift in question was hand-crafted by a true prodigy.
The gift in question is one of a kind and utterly irreplaceable.
The gift in question is a treasured heirloom of the givers family.
The gift in question was won in a duel to the death.
The gift in question was once in the possession of Merlin.
The gift in question was originally commissioned by a King.
The gift in question is tailor-made for you and you alone.
None of the above.
You need to do some shopping for school - where do you start?
Ye Olde Wande Shoppe - need to get one of those bad boys!
Librarians Bookshelf - nothing says magic like a full library.
Fireball Dragon Gear - I'd like to compete in the tournament!
Potions and Concoctions - Alchemy is a truly fundamental art.
Quills and Letters - you'll need the proper writing equipment.
Pranks R' Us - nothing like a little fun to lighten up a day.
Witchard Fashion - you have to be well-clad for the new year.
I'd probably get most of it in the same mega-store for convenience.
None of the above.
What is your favorite season?
Which of the Classical Elements do you prefer?
You would be most hurt if a person called you...
Pick from these four materials...
Pick a stage of grief...
Pick a cardinal direction...
Pick a way...
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