Jewish News Quiz: October 14, 2022

Forward contributor Helen Chervitz wrote about what experience this week?
Attending the first ever White House antisemitism summit
Debating the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at her university
Constructing a sukkah with her father
A Russian missile landing blocks from her Kyiv apartment
Ethiopian Jews refer to Sukkot as "Baal Matzelet," meaning what?
Holiday of Fruit
Holiday of Shade
Festival of Booths
Harvest Festival
The 1912 Jarmulowsky Bank building on the Lower East Side was recently converted to what?
A swanky hotel
Bank of America corporate offices
Luxury apartments retailing for $2 million
A new Jewish art and history museum
Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker isn't Jewish. How did he get his first name?
‘Hirsh’ means deer in German and his mother saw a deer when she went into labor
He was named for a Jewish family friend
He’s named for his grandfather
His father had seen a movie with Herschel Bernardi and liked the name
New York state recently established the Office of Language Access to translate import documents. With approximately how many Yiddish translation agencies will they be working?
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat from Hudson Valley, on Wednesday accused his Republican opponent, Michael Lawler, of what?
Defending his great-uncle's collaboration with the Nazis during World War II
Lying about having lived at an Israeli kibbutz
Being behind an antisemitic 2019 GOP campaign video
Plotting to evict a Hasidic community in his district
The far-right, antisemitic social network Gab recently announced its own competitor to what app?
A Jewish comedian was recently heckled by an audience member who shouted "free Palestine" despite what?
He volunteers for a nonprofit that brings together Israelis and Palestinians in dialogue
He's married to a Palestinian
His act was critical of Israeli settlements
He said nothing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
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