Benefits of 7SIGNAL

What problem does 7SIGNAL solve in the market?
Lack of visibility into the end user Wi-Fi experience
The need for Wi-Fi site survey analysis
Poor infrastructure monitoring
Lack of Wi-Fi spectrum visibility and analysis
What is a Sapphire Eye? (check all that apply)
A Wi-Fi performance sensor
A high-performance client
A spectrum analyzer
An access point
What can Mobile Eye detect that Sapphire Eye can't?
Interference problems
Coverage problems
Roaming problems
Congestion problems
What makes 7SIGNAL different from access point vendors, like Cisco? (check all that apply)
Monitors network infrastructure performance
Measures the Wi-Fi experience on the edge of the network
It's a Digital Experience Monitoring system
Outside-in monitoring, as opposed to inside-out
Which use cases below are great for Mobile Eye? (check all that apply)
Zebra scanners in distribution centers
HP WOWs in hospitals
Macbooks for office workers
Dell laptops for work-from-home users
iPhones with Epic apps
Spectralink devices with Vocera
How are 7SIGNAL products priced?
Software subscription plus hardware cost
Annual subscription per unit or user
Perpetual license plus annual maintenance fee
Percent of your capital budget
7SIGNAL complements incumbent vendor's offerings because It's an outside-in solution, measuring the Wi-Fi experience from the user's point of view.
According to the analyst firm IDC, how does 7SIGNAL achieve its ROI? (check all that apply)
By decreasing the time it takes to identify and troubleshoot issues
By increasing worker productivity throughout the organization
By improving network staff efficiency
By making the CIO look good in front of others
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