When you fall asleep at night, how many times do you wake throughout the night?
1-2 to use the bathroom
There is no waking up from sleep
When I can actually fall asleep two hours after lying in bed, probably 3-4 times
Can you fall asleep with any noise?
There can be some white noise, but usually it's quiet
There could be a war outside and I could sleep through it
No, there cannot be any noise at all!
Do you have a set bed time?
A range of time that I usually fall asleep, but it's not set in stone
The exact time my head hits the pillow
I try to get in bed the same time every night, but sleep doesn't always come.
Throughout the day, do you expend a lot of energy?
I'm very active and usually get at least 60 minutes of exercise daily
Yes, I tend not to sit still and keep too much on my plate
I go to the gym, but I have a very sedentary job
When you wake up in the morning, do you feel well rested?
Generally, yes, I do
I'm slow to start in the morning, not completely satisfied with the rest I got
Is it hard to maintain focus throughout the day? Do you feel the urge to nap?
I can focus very well on the tasks at hand and stay awake without the afternoon siesta
I'm far too busy to nap and sometimes get distracted from what I focus on
I would like to nap, but it's frowned upon at my current employment
How many hours of sleep do you get per night?
Is the sleep that you're getting quality sleep?
Yes, I sleep well
I'm in a very deep sleep, but don't always wake up refreshed
How much caffeine do you consume throughout the day?
One cup of coffee in the morning and maybe some preworkout before the gym
Jumbo coffee & preworkout to start the day
All day, every day -- it's my lifeline
Do you lead an overall healthy lifestyle?
I'd like to think so
I have a few unhealthy vices, but I try to eat well & go to the gym
My life can be chaotic and it's not as healthy as I could be if I was more organized
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