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Check Your Financial Compatibility

I know exactly how much my beloved earns
Yes. I know my partner's take home pay.
Yes. But I know only the annual salary.
No. I know my partner earns well.
No. I don't know anything about my partner's finances.
We talk about finances...
Constantly. Money is always on our minds.
Regularly. We have our monthly budget all set.
Rarely. If there are issues, we discuss.
Never. There is no need.
I hide financial secrets from my partner
No. We share everything about each other.
Some. There are some pending credit card balances which I would like to keep to myself.
Many. I have many loans which I don't want my dearest to know about.
We never discuss my finances.
When it comes to money, I trust my partner...
Completely. My partner is very smart with money
Sometimes. I'm not comfortable with all money decisions that my partner takes.
Rarely. My partner is not great at handling money.
No. We don't handle each other's money
My partner trusts me with financial decisions
Yes. We always agree on our expenses.
Most of the times. Sometimes we have arguments about my spending.
Maybe. We don't discuss money that often.
I don't know. Never asked.
Have you discussed your financial goals?
Yes. We have it all jotted down from the car to the house.
Yes. But we are yet to define the goals.
Yes. But only during romantic talks.
Never. I don't think it is necessary
We have discussed taxes and planned for them
Yes. We both discuss our tax plans together.
Yes. But only when towards the end of the financial year.
No. We keep our taxes separate.
No. There is no need to discuss taxes.
I know my partner's loans and investments
Yes. I know exactly how much savings and EMIs my partner has.
Yes. But I have only an overall idea.
No. I have a very vague idea.
No. I have no clue.
I'm comfortable with my partner's spending habits
Absolutely. My partner never spends anything out of turn.
Most of the times. There are rare occasions where my partner overspends.
Sometimes. Most of the times my partner spends on unnecessary things.
No. I think my partner spends money irresponsibly
We have talked about our retirement savings
Yes. We have it chalked out.
Yes. Very vaguely.
Yes. But we are yet to start saving
No. That is too far away.
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