Personality Assesment

I am:
Patient, considerate, loyal and dependable
Competitve, impatient and I like Control
Disciplined, cautious, and precise
Talkative, stimulating, and enthusiastic
I will:
Say what I mean - Just put it out there
Mostly keep thoughts to myself
I am more concerned about:
Getting Things Done
People would say I am more:
When a conflict arises, you'd most likely want to:
Make sure the outcome is one that everyone is happy with
Find a solution quickly, implement it and move on.
Analyze the sitatuion and pros and cons of possible options.
Point the finger at the culprit, smile and tell them to straighten up
People would say I:
Will talk regularly
Will give information on a need to know basis
People would say I am:
For secuirty you depend on:
Being in control
Being Correct
Close relationships
In my job I like to:
Structure my Work
Interact with other people
Your pace is:
Slow, steady and methodical
Slow easy and relaxed
I base decisions on:
Gut feeling, intuation, and emotions
Logic, information and effectiveness
What I want people to notice is:
How fun you are
How well liked you are
How efficient you are
Your accomplishments
If someone elses behavior is a problem:
I will likely confront them soon
I would likely not confront them soon
At work, you are more likely to be heard saying the following statement:
"We have to get this done right now"
"Let me tell you what happened to me..."
"We're all in this together so let's work together as a team"
"Can you provide documentation for that?"
What kind of car would you feel most comfortable spending your money on and driving:
A nice minivan with lots of seats and space
A car with high gas mileage and good reliability & safety reports.
A red sports car.
A black luxury car or SUV.
When I meet someone new:
I am interested in getting to know them
Want to know why they are here
If only one set of the following object could be on your desk next to your phone and computer, which would it be?
A family photo and a houseplant
A to do list and goal list
A planner and a calculator
A ball and a souvenier from sompelace you went or something you did
I like to:
Discuss the work, then do it
Do the work and talk later
On the weekends we's most likely find you
Spending time with friends and family.
Getting things done.
Partying, socializing or doing something exciting.
Getting organized and making things just right.
People would say I am more:
Direct with others
Indirect with others
To make decisions you have to know:
What is does by when
Facts, details and documentation
How it will affect personal circumstances
Who else uses it
I like to deal with:
Things and tasks more than people
People more than things and tasks
When I meet someone I:
Open up right away
Take a while to show any warmth
I am:
I am:
Fast paced
Slower paced
What I do best is:
Identify Issues
Work Quickly
Solve problems and get things done
Give personal advice
People would say I am:
Quiet, unassertive and compliant
Assertive, competitve and dominant
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