What Should You Do in Memphis?

Have you been to Memphis before?
Photo by Phillip Van Zandt
Will you be bringing the kids?
Photo by Alex Shansky
Of course! It's going to be a great family vacation.
Nope! This trip is just for grown folks.
What's your Memphis vacation all about?
Photo by Jarrod Connolly
Culture & the Arts
Food & Drinks
Kids & Family
Live Music
Music History
The Nightlife
The Outdoors
Visiting My Friends & Family
Black History & Civil Rights Movement

If you were recording a song in Memphis, who would you want on the track?

 Photo by Dan Ball
Moneybagg Yo
Southern Avenue
Justin Timberlake
Three 6 Mafia
Issac Hayes
Otis Redding
Johnny Cash
B.B. King
Elvis Presley

How do you want to get your music fix in Memphis?

Photo by Craig Thompson
Browsing local record stores
Experiencing iconic music landmarks
Exploring the authentic local music scene
Getting tickets for a specific concert
Stage-hopping at a music festival
Touring active recording studios
Hearing classic blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll music performed live
Where will you stay during your trip to Memphis?
Photo by Alex Shansky
I'll probably stay at a hotel or motel.
I'm planning to stay at an Airbnb or another type of short-term rental.
I'll be staying with friends or relatives.
I'll camp out in an RV or tent.
I'm just coming for the day!

What's on the menu during your trip to Memphis?

Photo by Oui We Girl
I want to try authentic Memphis BBQ
Soul food and southern home-cooking
I’ve heard great things about Memphis chicken wings
I want something organic or vegan
I love to indulge my sweet tooth
I want to visit acclaimed restaurants with chefs I’ve seen on TV
Something new and popular
I’ll go anywhere the locals go
I really want to support Black-owned restaurants

Which events make you feel most excited to plan a trip to Memphis?

Photo by Jamie Harmon Amurica
Music festivals always get me amped up!
Connecting with my creative side at an arts festival sounds fun!
I’ll let my tastebuds guide me to a food festival or competition!
Love is love—and I love supporting LGBTQ+ events!
Celebrating Día de los Muertos in Memphis would be a cool experience!
It would be iconic to honor Black culture in Memphis on Juneteenth!
I’d love to rock ‘n’ roll during a celebration at Graceland!
How long do you plan to stay in Memphis?
Photo by Alex Shansky
One night
Two nights
Three or more nights
I'm just coming for the day!
I'm still deciding
What else you do want to know about Memphis before you come?
Photo by Craig Thompson
I'd like some recommendations, like the best place to hear live music!
I want to know what's new and now in Memphis!
I want to build a big list of things to do and places to go, so I can narrow it down!
I just need the basics, like maps and ticket prices!
I want to know what will be going on in Memphis when I get there!
I want to know all the local haunts and favorites!
I want to see what makes Memphis an iconic place to visit!
I want to to see sample itineraries, so I can plan how to spend my trip.
What's your age?
Photo by Phillip Van Zandt
Under 25
25 - 45
46 - 60
61 - 75
Over 75

How much do you want to spend on your perfect Memphis trip?

Photo by Disciple Design
I’m like a little bird: cheap, cheap, cheap!
You’ll never see me walk away from a good deal or discount!
I’m ready and willing to splurge, but only for the right reasons!
I’m just going to enjoy myself—and not worry about my wallet for once.
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