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My Facial Skin is Best Described as:
  • feels and looks rough
  • itching/flaky
  • skin feels tight especially after washing or swimming
  • needs reapplication of moisturizer throughout the day
  • skin is shiny and feels greasy
  • may have blackheads
  • larger pores 
  • experiences skin cell build-up
  • noticeable skin bumps, rashes, redness, skin eruption
  • tendency toward skin flushing and blushing
  • reacts to makeup, laundry detergent and skin care products
Acne Prone
  • regularly experiences small white pimples or large inflamed cystic acne
  • combination skin can be dry in some areas and oily in others
    • pores appear large in some areas and smaller in others
  • normal skin has few imperfections and no severe sensitivity
My Skin is
Thick (no visible veins)
Combination (some visible veins or pinkness)
Thin (many visible veins)
My Pores Are
Large and Open
Larger around Nose and Chin, but small elsewhere
Small or invisible
My Current Concerns are (Check all that apply)
Lack of Firmness
Rough Skin
Discolored Spots
Flaky Skin
none of the above are a major concern for me
My Current Concerns are: (check all that apply)
  • redness on face, ears, chest or back
  • small red bumps and pimples
  • a sunburned look
Small Pimples
Cystic Acne
  • pores are blocked leading to infection and inflammation
  • small deep pits
  • red, raised scars
Major Sensitivity
  • skin appears shiny
  • skin feels greasy
None of the above are a major concern for me
My Current Concerns are (check all that apply)
Unwanted Shine
Greasy Feeling Skn
Dull Complexion
  • skin cell build-up
I dont have any major concerns, I just want to keep my skin healthy and clean
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