Jewish News Quiz: Jan. 13, 2023

The Forward interviewed the candidate who lost to George Santos. Who is he?
A gay Jewish man who was president of the Great Neck B’nai Brith
A democratic socialist who stridently opposes the Israeli occupation
A moderate former Republican who switched parties after the Jan. 6 attack
A former executive whose campaign was weighed down by his corporate ties
Adolfo Kaminsky died this week at 97. What was he known for?
Photographing the concentration camps in which he was imprisoned
Forging identity documents to help Jews escape Nazi France
Filming interviews with Nazis during the Nuremburg Trials
His blue-tinted photographs of Holocaust survivors
Why did high school authorities in Jacksonville, Florida, say they canceled an upcoming production of Indecent, a play about the censorship of a Yiddish play with a lesbian couple?
Because they were legally obligated to under Florida's "Don’t Say Gay" bill
Because it contains "adult sexual dialogue that is inappropriate for student cast members and student audiences"
Because they received an anonymous complaint from a student who was uncomfortable with the subject
Because they didn't want to risk losing a lawsuit filed by an anti-LGBTQ activist group
What is special about a Bible Josh Shapiro will use to be sworn in as governor of Pennsylvania?
It survived the Tree of Life synagogue shooting
It was carried by his grandfather as he fought the Nazis during World War II
It was signed by his campaign opponent, Doug Mastriano
It is written in Yiddish
What percentage of Americans think Jews "have too much power," according to a new survey commissioned by the Anti-Defamation League?
Which chain opened its first location in Israel this week?
The Cheesecake Factory
Some Conservative rabbis were distressed by rumors of what policy change, the Forward reported this week?
That tefillin made of non-leather materials will be accepted
That rabbis will be allowed to officiate interfaith weddings
That minor fasts will be declared optional
That the Prayer for the State of Israel will be taken out of the next siddur
Why did Israel's new right-wing government repeal a tax on disposable tableware?
Haredi Jews complained it discriminates against them
They sought to reverse the legacy of the Arab Israeli lawmaker who championed the tax
Lobbying from a coalition member whose cousin owns PkPlast, a leading manufacturer
They asserted that disposable tableware is "intrinsic to Israeli culture"
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