Am I an Alcoholic? Take the Quiz

How often do you drink?
Not at all
Once a week
Twice a week
Three or more times a week
When I drink, I have:
0-1 Drink
2-3 Drinks
4-6 Drinks
7+ Drinks
Have you ever experienced a loss of/spotty memory as a result of drinking alcohol?
No, never
Yes, once
Yes, a few times a year
Yes, once a month
Yes, often
When you drink, you stop when:
I dislike the taste of the drink
I have one or two, but I can still drive home
I am buzzed
I am drunk
I am drunk and might be sick
I continue to drink even if I do end up sick
I drink until I black out or go to sleep
How often do you think about drinking?
Only for special occasions
On the weekends
At the end of the work day
All throughout the day
It's all I think about
Have there been any consequences from your drinking?
Yes, but I just embarrassed myself
Yes, I had some social repercussions
Yes, I have placed relationships/employment in jeopardy due to my drinking
Yes, I am facing legal issues if I continue
If you had to stop drinking alcohol for a year, could you?
Yes, easily
Yes, but it would greatly impact my social life
No, I don't want to and I can't see my life without it
No, I would be unable to live my life as it is
No, I would have physical withdrawal symptoms
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