Whats my aesthetic

Which color palette do you prefer?
Neutral tones (whites, grays, beiges)
Vibrant and bold colors
Classic and timeless colors (blacks, whites, navy)
Earthy and natural tones
Which furniture style appeals to you the most?
Sleek and modern
Vintage and retro
Elegant and traditional
Mix of different styles
How would you describe your fashion style?
Minimalistic and monochrome
Bohemian and flowy
Classic and tailored
Mix of different styles and patterns
What type of artwork do you prefer?
Minimalistic and abstract
Whimsical and bohemian
Classic and realistic
Eclectic mix of different art styles
Which home decor element is most important to you?
Clean and clutter-free spaces
Natural and organic materials
Timeless and elegant pieces
Mix of different textures and patterns
Which music genre resonates with you the most?
Electronic or ambient
Indie or folk
Classical or jazz
Eclectic mix of different genres
What is your preferred outdoor activity?
Yoga or meditation
Exploring nature trails
Playing a sport or exercising
Enjoying a picnic or social gathering
Which vacation destination sounds most appealing to you?
Scandinavian countries with minimalist design
Tropical islands with bohemian vibes
European cities with rich history and architecture
Cosmopolitan cities with diverse cultures
Which quote resonates with you the most?
Less is more
Follow your own path
Classic never goes out of style
Embrace the beauty of diversity
What is your preferred social setting?
Intimate gatherings with close friends
Artistic events or music festivals
Formal parties or cultural events
Eclectic mix of social settings
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