Discover Your Soul Self Quiz

You are at a friends home for dinner and they ask how a far away family member is, you?
Go into detail about how they are destroying their life by continuing to make poor choices for themselves.
Applaud them for taking steps to better themselves by finding a new life that better suits their personality.
Say “they are fine”, but internally you are fired up that the conversation is always about them rather than about you.
Commend them on the great success they have achieved lately, and are in awe of the commitment they have to their personal growth.
Talk about how proud you are of them and how spending time with them has taught you a great deal about yourself.
When someone you know tells you that they are going on holidays, you?
Feel incredibly jealous and secretly hope it rains the whole time they are away.
Wish you could go, but don’t know how or when you can afford the luxury.
Mentally begin planning your own vacation and tell them all you know about the place they are going.
Are excited for them! The two of you do a happy dance together.
Can feel the Sun on your face and know that it is only a matter of time before you are aligned with your dream holiday.
When you find a dirty glass on the counter, do you?
Immediately blame someone else in the house for not putting it in the dishwasher.
Call your friend and complain for hours about all that your partner is doing wrong.
Ignore it, you are too busy working on important things to bother with it now and will get to it later.
Take responsibility for it and put it in the dishwasher, it was probably yours that you left on the counter from the night before.
Notice the incredible rainbow that the sunlight is making through the glass onto the counter and post a photo of it on Instagram.
Your friend calls you to complain about the terrible day they have just had, you?
Lament and take over the conversation by describing how horrible your week has been.
Tell them that everything happens for a reason and they will feel better after a glass of wine.
Ask them “who are your guardian angels?” Then give them advice on what crystals to carry for protection.
Let them tell their story and are sympathetic to their frustrations but you don’t get caught up in the drama.
Are meditating and don’t answer the phone, instead you let your friend leave a message.
You wake up in the morning with a giant blemish on your face, you?
Immediately cancel all your plans and stay home for two days.
Spend the morning practicing self care with your favourite beauty products, hoping the problem will clear up by tonight.
Think about everything you ate the day before to determine what caused your breakout.
Point it out to your partner, joking that you are starring in your own episode of “Dr. Pimple Popper”.
Are grateful that it will go away soon and remember the woman you met in Africa who lost her nose to leprosy.
Your father tells you that you need to save for your retirement, you?
Crumble into tears, feeling like a complete failure and worrying that you won’t ever be able to support yourself.
Ask him why he never taught you anything about saying money.
Describe to him in detail the plan you have to invest in stocks and how well your RESP is doing.
Acknowledge that you have limiting beliefs about saving and accept that you can change your relationship with money, starting now. 
Know that money is energy and it is abundant. 
You had a day that nourished your Higher Self, so you?
I don’t know what my Higher Self is.
Feel gratitude for such an amazing experience.
Try to think of a way to recreate it and make it even better.
Appreciate the subtleties of the experience, taking inspired action as it arises.
Recognize that there is an abundance of days like these and can’t wait to get home to tell your partner about what you felt.
There is a breath workshop coming to town, you?
Are not interested, it sounds to hokey to you.
Are intrigued, but worried that it might bring up some buried emotions that you don’t want to share in public.
Consider going, but feel confident that you already know many breathing techniques from your yoga classes.
Are delighted and immediately bring your attention to your breathing. Your left nostril is open so you go lay down for a nap before registering.
Spark with recognition at the name of the host. They are someone you have been following on Facebook so you immediately share the event with all your friends. 
You are scanning Pinterest for home decorating ideas, you?
Begin to feel super frustrated with how disorganized your house is.
Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a long night filled with inspiration.
Immediately start planning how you are going to redecorate your children’s playroom.
Pin more images to your vision board labelled “Dream Home”, basking in the feelings that arise.
Find a motivational quote that speaks to you and keep scrolling for more inspirational words of wisdom that resonate with your current mood.
You have an important decision to make, so you?
Feel an immense amount of stress and binge eat bread and butter.
Put it off as long as possible until someone else makes the decision for you, calling it fate.
Make a list of pros and cons until it becomes clear which path to take.
Ask the Universe for a sign to help you make the decision.
Know that every decision is a gift. There is no right or wrong, it is just propelling you further toward your divine calling.
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