Which learning environment best suits your child?

If my child is struggling to grasp a concept, the best way to explain the concept to them is...
in a one-on-one setting with the help of a tutor
through online resources that they can work through at their own pace (videos, assessments and interactive learning games)
in a large group environment where the concept is taught to the entire group
When it comes to socialisation (in a schooling environment) I would like my child to interact with other students...
through common interests and extra mural activities with peers of all ages
in a large class setting with peers of the same age
in a small class setting with peers of all ages
My child is motivated by...
praise and recognition through badges and certificates
achievement of their goals and self-motivation
nurture and one-on-one time
I would like my child’s daily learning schedule to be...
structured through a fixed schedule and school calendar
self-paced and flexible to their learning needs
semi-flexible to their needs and levels of motivation
My goal is to create a learning environment where my child feels...
is disciplined through a traditional approach to education
feels self-motivated and has a will to learn new things
feels safe to express themselves freely without judgement
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