New Wood Quiz

The soft, wood-based vegetable packaging material has several benefits.
Choose the benefits that apply:
Onions stay fresh longer.
The packaging is recyclable.
The packaging is durable and easy to open.
Cartonboard is an ecological option for natural cosmetics and it is easy to recycle.

Choose the benefits that apply:
The fibres in the package can be recycled up to 3 times into new products.
The cartonboard protects the product just as well as a cosmetic package made of plastic.
The cartonboard packages can be assembled by folding, in which case they do not contain glue.
A patient card spicifying the correct dosage of the medicine is attached to the outside of the package.

Choose the benefits that apply:
The packaging solution reduces unintentional misuse of medicine.
In the patient card, you can read about the correct use of the medicine, such as the dosage.
According to the law, deaths caused by certain prescription medicines must be reduced by emphasizing the correct dosage of the medicine.
Cartonboard packaging can improve the product's user experience and keep the product fresh for as long as possible with a small environmental footprint.
How much less plastic does the packaging shown in the picture contain, compared to a traditional plastic packaging?
This sparkling water maker is made of a biocomposite made from wood fibre and pine oil-based biopolymer.
Choose the benefits that apply:
The carbon footprint of an appliance made of biocomposite is lower compared to an appliance made of fossil-based plastic.
Biocomposite can be produced by utilizing side streams from the forest industry.
Biocomposite can be composted.
Fibre-based packaging has become more common in fruit and vegetable packaging.
Choose the benefits that apply:
This tomato box with a window is completely fiber-based.
The fibre-based material preserves the tomatoes at least as well as plastic packaging.
The packaging can be flattened and recycled with cardboard.
This wood-based material has been developed in Finland. It can be used to make toilet furniture.
Choose the benefits that apply:
The material is a mixture of wood chips and advanced resins.
The material is an ecological alternative to ceramics.
The production method of the material is almost carbon neutral.
Side streams generated in food production can be used as valuable raw materials. In oat paper, part of the cellulose has been replaced with oat husk.
How much oat husk is in oat paper?
A biodegradable packaging material suitable for water-based cosmetics has been developed in Finland.
Choose the benefits that apply:
The packaging consists of woodchips, plant-based binders, and naturally occurring clay minerals.
The material is the first of its kind in the world.
The material can be processed with the same equipment as plastic.
This golf ball package can be reused as an insect hotel.

Choose the benefits that apply:
Insect species and strains are decreasing alarmingly.
By establishing an insect hotel, you support biodiversity.
The insects choose a hotel manager among themselves.
The cellulose-based decorative board can be used like gypsum and chipboard.
Choose the benfits that apply:
The material is easily recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
The material can be used to create new types of textured structures for interior decoration.
Even the uncoated material is very resistant to water.
The single-layer paper straw replaces plastic straws, the manufacture of which was banned by the SUP directive in 2021.
Choose the benefits that apply:
The straw feels pleasant in the mouth.
The straw can be washed in the dishwasher.
The straw is completely recyclable.
The technology developed in Finland turns used textiles, pulp, or even old newspapers into new textile fibers.
Choose the benefits that apply:
The process could revolutionize the textile industry and recycling of textile waste.
The process can be implemented sustainably and without harmful chemicals.
It is possible to manufacture long-lasting fabrics from cellulose.
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