Which Metallica Album Are You?

What's your favorite decade?
Who is your favorite member of Metallica?
Cliff Burton
Lars Ulrich
James Hetfield
Kirk Hammett
What's your thought on modern-day metal music?
No way! I only like the classics.
It's okay. But I prefer music that has some wear.
I like some of the newer stuff out!
I think some metal bands are making their best music now, not years ago!
What's in your wardrobe?
Lots of classic band T-shirts.
I still hang onto flannel from the '90s.
Nothing fancy- just comfortable stuff!
I'm always wearing a leather jacket.
Do you prefer lo-fi recordings or polished stuff?
Lo-fi, old school!
I appreciate more polished, commercial-sounding music.
Doesn't matter to me, as long as it rocks!
Modern production is the way to go!
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