Story at Scale

Kids today have more choices about how boys and girls “should” act than they used to. Is having more choices:
A good thing
A bad thing
Both good and bad
Neither good nor bad
In the past 5 years, have you, or has someone you care about, experienced sexual harassment?
Do you have children?
When it comes to who I am, one of the first things I think about is being a parent.
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Neither Agree nor Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Strongly Disagree
Which of the following comes closest to your experience even if neither is exactly right.
Whether someone is a man or a woman is determined by the sex on their birth certificate.
Someone can be a man or a woman even if that is different from the sex on their birth certificate.
When it comes to equal rights for women, do you think the society has
Gone too far
Not gone far enough
Been about right
From what you have seen, would you say that:
Women get more opportunities at work than men
Women and men have equal opportunities at work
Men get more opportunities than women
Which of these comes closer to your personal experience?
It is more natural for men to lead. Things work better when men make the decisions.
It is more natural for women to lead. Things work better when women make the decisions.
The best leader depends on the situation
In light of recent controversies about sexual harassment and assault, how confident are you in your ability to teach the boys in your life responsible behaviors around dating and sex?
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not too confident
Not at all confident
Do you feel safe everywhere you go or are there places or times where you feel unsafe — either physically or emotionally threatened?
I usually feel safe.
There are places or times where I feel unsafe.
I usually feel unsafe.
I personally would feel more comfortable in a relationship where the man makes more money than the woman.
Mostly true
Somewhat true
Not at all true
This question does not apply to the kinds of relationships I prefer
Which of these comes closest to your view?
I personally believe having an abortion is acceptable and should be legal.
I am personally against abortion, but I don’t believe government should prevent a woman from making that decision for herself.
I personally believe having an abortion is wrong and should be illegal.
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