Which appetizer would you pick first?
Shrimp cocktail
Loaded potato skins
Raw veggies & dip
The most appealing option on the Thanksgiving buffet is the:
White fish
The first side you pick out is?
Mashed potatoes
There's usually second, if not third, helpings that land on my plate.
Sometimes I can eat seconds
Without a doubt
I eat a plate and that's it
The only fruit I eat Thanksgiving Day are cranberries
False - I eat the fruit placed out for dessert too
Very true...
I don't eat that fruit
More of my plate is covered in carbs like stuffing and dinner rolls than turkey and veggies
There's stuffing, but maybe half a cup
Guilty as charged
I don't eat stuffing
How true is the statement, "there's always room for dessert!"
Sometimes I might squeeze in some cheesecake
Exceedingly true. Always.
I don't eat the stuff
Is there a chance that you'll have more than one helping of dessert?
There's a small chance
More than likely - it's a holiday
None. Not a chance.
Is it really mashed sweet potatoes without candied pecans on the top?
I mean...it is a holiday, a time to indulge
No, there must be marshmallow too
Yuck. No candied anything
What part of the turkey do you grab first?
I'll eat mostly white meat, but I can't help grabbing a few pieces of dark first
The leg. Give me the whole leg.
Some white meat
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