Clutter Type Quiz- Friends Edition

You have a two-car garage.
You can only fit one car because your collectibles and Christmas decorations are taking up too much space.
You can only fit one car but look at this beautiful shelving unit that holds all of your perfectly labeled bins of stuff!
There are no cars parked in the garage...or is there?
You sold your husband's fixer upper car because it was taking up too much space. Now you can park two cars in there!
A magical place where bands were started, first beers were drunk, and memories go to live for future generations.
You don't really know because this is your spouse's space.
A friend asks to see your high school yearbook photo.
You definitely have it, but not sure exactly where...
You ask "which year?" as you quickly retrieve the yearbook from your chronologically arranged yearbook bookshelf.
You go to look for it...and no one has seen you since...
You tell everyone how awesome you looked, but you won't be able to prove it because you threw your yearbooks out years ago.
You run to get it as you can't wait to reminisce over the good ol' days!
You ask your spouse where it is.
You just received a sweet Easter card from Aunt Wendy.
You put it on your fridge and look at it again 3 years from now.
You read it and file it away under Cards, 2020, Easter.
You read it and drop it on the table.
You read it and throw it away.
You read it and get lost in your memories of summers spent at Aunt Wendy's.
You love this card, but your spouse tells you to throw it out, so you do.
At a yard sale,
You hope to find that missing dinosaur collectible you've been searching for.
You move quickly because you have to be on a strict schedule of 15 minutes per yard sale if you want to hit all yard sales today! Does everyone have their whistles?
You buy something absolutely useless but isn't it the coolest shell lamp you have ever seen?!
You wouldn't be caught dead at a yard sale.
You get into a long conversation with the house owner to find out the exact story behind this vintage apothecary table.
You follow your spouse around as they shop. You just love spending time with them!
For you, a clutter crisis would be:
misplacing a valuable, one-of-a-kind baseball card that will be worth big bucks one day
running out of space in the ribbon drawer...or not being able to have a ribbon drawer at all! Where will all the ribbons go???
trying to leave the house ever. Lots of "where are my keys?" and "where is the second shoe?" and "I forgot my passport!"
loosing your baby blanket that has to be kept in a zip lock bag because it has disintegrated over time
not feeling like all things make sense. I am sure this is a famous baby but I don't know her!
you moving something that didn't belong to you and someone getting really upset about it.
The clothes in your closet
are in mint condition in case you wanted to resell them at a consignment store.
are neatly arranged by style and color...but your husband has to have the hall closet because he would mess up your perfect walk in closet!
Oh you just casually throw your clothes on the chair sometimes! And by clothes, I mean a pile of trash and by chair, I mean a pile of trash and by sometimes, I mean...the place where times stands still and all that is left is trash!
actually fit in your closet since you only keep your favorites and you only have one pair of underwear for when you rent tuxes.
were all bought from fair-trade, organic-fabric-only, vintage stores or given to you by a family member.
You are the husband in the hall closet.
Your children are in college. Their baby stuff is:
picked over, only keeping things of value like a rock polisher! Geology rocks!
neatly packed away, sorted by size and gender.
somewhere in the house. Have you checked the basement next to the waffle iron and bug spray?
long gone.
packed away, awaiting your grandchildren.
hidden in my closet because I was afraid my spouse would make me donate everything.
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