How Much Do You Really Know About Grounding?

Are bare feet the only way to get grounded to the earth?
Yes, feet are the only body part that will ground you
Your entire body is conductive so any body part can ground you
Feet ground you the fastest but hands can ground you too
None of the body is conductive so there is no such thing as being grounded
Which of these surfaces will not ground you? (select all that apply)
Body of Water
Lumbar/Dry Wood
Metal Signpost
Painted Metal
How long does it take for you body to get fully grounded once it touches the earth?
1 hour
30 minutes
15 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes
1 minute
A few seconds
Less than a second
What type of electrical energy is the one that grounds the body and promotes healing?
DC energy
AC energy
High Frequency RF fields
Which part of your body relies on healthy DC energy to work?
Your heart
Your muscles
Your lungs
Your digestion
Your circulation
Your brain
All of the above
What is the most direct way to get the earth's healing elements to support your well being?
Drinking purified water from the earth
Breathing fresh air the earth produces
Eating organic fresh fruits and vegetable grown from the earth
Grounding to the earth by touching it directly
What part of your body is not conductive and will not get grounded?
Hair & Fingernails
Lymph nodes
What tests do we use in medicine to monitor the DC energy of the human body and to see if the body is healthy?
EKG of the heart
EEG of the brain
EMG of the muscles
All of the above
Can we measure the DC energy output of the earth?
Yes, it's called the Schumann Resonance and it's the earth's "heartbeat" pulsing out
No, the earth does not pulse out any energy at all
What are some of the instant effects on the body from being grounded for only minutes?
Muscle tension decreases
Brain wave patterns relax
Skin voltage readings normalize
Mood begins to lift
All of the above
What are some of the positive changes that happen to the human body within an hour of being grounded?
Circulation improves
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is boosted
Boosted oxygenation
Lowered blood pressure
Digestion improves
All of the above
What are some of the health benefits from grounding for hours, or even overnight?
Thyroid function is boosted
Inflammation decreases
Sleep deepens
Pain decreases
Muscle soreness lessens
Cortisol normalizes
Blood sugar stabilizes
Immune function is supported
Metabolism is boosted
All of the above
Since our body is so conductive, is it impacted by artificial manmade energy (AC electricity) and EMFs?
No, the body does not have any effects from manmade AC energy
AC and other EMF fields affect the body but do not harm it
Yes, because the body is conductive, just like healing DC energy will support health, manmade EMFs have harmful health effects
What health concerns can grounding help with?
Poor circulation
Poor digestion
Pain and inflammation
Mood (depression, anxiety)
Hormone balance
All of the above
Is there anything I can do to make my body more conductive and more easily grounded?
Stay well hydrated -- drink lots of pure water
Correct any mineral deficiencies -- supplement diet with a minerals/electrolyte replacement
Remove dead skin from your body -- exfoliate
Moisturize your skin before grounding
All of the above
Can I still get grounded even if the lawn is treated with chemicals?
No, treated grass will not ground you
Yes, you will still be grounded but exposed to unsafe chemicals
Yes you will be grounded and pesticides and herbicides are totally safe
Is it better to have more surface area of the body touching the earth when grounding?
Yes, you need at least one entire body part touching in order to be grounded (a foot, a hand, leg, arm, lower back, etc...)
Your body will get even more grounded if you are completely laying on the earth
No, even one fingertip touching the earth grounds you fully from head to toe
If you don't feel anything while grounding, is your body still healing?
No. You should feel tingling or warmth if you are properly grounded
Grounding does not have any health benefits, whether you feel it or not
Yes, your body goes into a healing state while grounded, even if you can't feel a difference
Are electrical therapies such as PEMF, TENS and other therapies the same thing as grounding?
Is there a way to get grounded inside my home, instead of going outside?
Yes but they don't work
Yes but only choose non-toxic indoor grounding tools that are eco-friendly
No, there are no such thing as indoor grounding tools
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