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Should I Have a Baby 

Give yourself the time needed to focus on the questions clearly and answer them as honestly as you can. Try not to be swayed by what you think you should answer, but rather what is the most accurate answer for you.
1. When you imagine yourself as a parent - are you happy with what you think you'd be like?
Yes, I'm fairly certain I'd be the sort of parent I'd like to be
I'm really not sure what I'd be like but I know I'd try my best to be a good parent
I have a few concerns about what sort of parent I might be like
2. Are you comfortable with delaying or compromising some of your own needs, interests or goals if you needed to for the sake of your child, now and in the future?
Maybe / Unsure
3. You do NOT experience too much (an unreasonable amount) of anxiety or fear at the thought of being a parent?
No, I'm mostly excited
I have mixed emotions, sometimes my anxiety is a little overwhelming
It makes me very anxious and scared
4. Would you be ok with delaying or compromising some of your own needs, interests or goals if you needed to for the sake of your child, now and in the future?
Maybe / Unsure
5. Are you reasonably sure you're NOT feeling influenced to have a baby purely because of your age and/or because society expects you to have children?
Yes, I'm reasonably sure
Somewhat sure, OR, I know I'm a little influenced by this
No, I'm not sure, OR, I know it is influencing me
6. Do you have mostly fond memories of your own childhood and the way your parents raised you?
I have mixed memories
No, I have issues with the way I was brought up and/or many unhappy childhood experiences
7. Is having a baby something you feel deep down that you really want, or is it something you just feel you should do, or are feeling pressured to do by your partner, family or friends?
I am confident I am making this decision based solely on what I want (and my partner, if applicable) and not what others want for me
I want a baby but other people are influencing my decision to some degree
My decision is influenced by a lot of pressure from other people to have a baby
8. Are you in good physical health, or if not, are you willing to make the necessary changes to improve your health to ensure a healthy pregnancy?
Somewhat / Unsure
9. Are you open to making and experiencing changes in your current lifestyle? eg. less time by yourself and for recreation, fitness, hobbies, social life etc.
Yes, it doesn't bother me
It would be quite an adjustment for me but I'm happy to adapt
I'm not really comfortable with the idea of how much my lifestyle might change
10. Do you accept that the conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting may include many challenges as well as joys? And if so, are you ready to face these challenges?
Yes, I know there will be challenges and I feel ready to face them
Somewhat - I'm willing to face them but I'm quite anxious about it
Unsure / I'm worried about how I might cope if there are big challenges
11. Are you prepared for the fact that a large part of parenting is unpredictable and may not match your expectations? eg. the personality and health of your child, how you will feel as a parent & how your life might change
Mostly, I might need to work on being more flexible and adjusting my expectations a little
No, I know I have control issues and/or very high and rigid expectations of how parenthood & life should be
12. Are you a nurturing and loving person who looks forward to caring for a child who would be totally dependent on you in the early years?
Somewhat - I'm not the stereotypical woman/person who dotes on babies but I am fairly confident I would enjoy nurturing my own child
No, I have always enjoyed being independent and don't like or feel comfortable having to look after others
13. Is your financial situation sufficient to raise a child in a way that is satisfactory to you?
For the most part
No, I have some concerns
14. Have you thought about how your family and work life could co-exist in a way that is satisfactory for you and the child?
There are a few minor issues that would need to be sorted out
No, I have some major concerns with how it would work
15. Are you in a position (financially & work flexibility) to be able to take months away from your job if necessary, eg. you had a complicated pregnancy, or a very sick baby?
No, it would be extremely difficult or impossible
16. Is your partner willing and ready to have a child? (OPTIONAL)
Maybe / They're not sure
17. Do you think having children would mostly have a positive impact on your relationship? (OPTIONAL)
There may be a few negative aspects we’d need to work through
No, I am concerned with how our relationship would cope with the changes and the demands of parenthood
18. Do you and your partner agree on how you would like to parent? (eg. prenatal testing & reasons for considering termination, discipline, schooling, religion, sharing baby duties & parenting tasks, medical care, general parenting style and techniques) (OPTIONAL)
Yes, we have talked through everything and come to mutual agreements
We haven't talked everything over yet and/or we can't seem to agree on some things
No, we haven't talked about any of these things and/or we can't seem to reach a mutual agreement on most things
19. Do YOU feel your partner is ready for parenthood and would make a good parent? (OPTIONAL)
I think so
No, I have some concerns
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