Discover your Purpose Activation Style
Bring your brand purpose to life in a way that truly matches your personality.

1. When it comes to contributing to society through your business, what sounds most appealing to you?
Incorporating a percentage of profits to support charitable causes or initiatives.
Sharing compelling stories and ideas that inspire others to make positive changes.
Challenging the status quo and disrupting industry norms to bring about significant change.
How do you handle obstacles and setbacks in your business?
By seeking practical solutions and leveraging available resources.
By using storytelling and emotional connections to navigate challenges.
By pushing boundaries and embracing risk to overcome obstacles.
How would you describe your leadership style?
Empathetic and nurturing, focusing on building strong relationships.
Inspirational and persuasive, guiding others through shared values.
Visionary and unconventional, leading by example and innovation.
What aspect of making a positive impact excites you the most?
Seeing tangible results and knowing you've directly helped others.
Embracing the challenge of breaking barriers and making a lasting mark.
Witnessing the ripple effect of your ideas and stories inspiring others.
When it comes to taking risks for your business's purpose, which statement best aligns with your mindset?
I am fearless when it comes to challenging the status quo and disrupting industries. Being disliked or facing resistance won't deter me from pushing boundaries and making a lasting impact.
I understand that advocating for positive change might bring criticism, but I'm committed to using my voice and influence to inspire others. I'm prepared to handle any backlash that may arise.
I believe that some level of risk is necessary to drive meaningful change. I'm willing to take financial risks and invest time and resources in causes that align with our purpose.
How do you feel about waiting to see the impact of your business's efforts towards making a positive change?
I understand that creating meaningful change takes time and effort. While I hope to see results eventually, I'm willing to invest in the process and trust that my efforts will make a difference over time.
I'm committed to the long-term vision and understand that the impact of challenging the norms may take time to unfold. I'm prepared to persevere and invest the necessary time and resources.
I prefer to see immediate results and know that my actions have an immediate impact. Waiting for a long time without clear outcomes can be frustrating for me.
Which value most closely aligns with you?
Which of these phrases resonates most with your business's purpose?
We give back because we believe in the power of collective support.
We want to inspire change to shape a brighter future.
We challenge conventions and pioneer a new era of possibilities.
How do you want people to perceive your brand's contributions?
Courageous and groundbreaking, driving transformational change.
Inspirational and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting emotional impact.
Transparent and reliable, making a visible difference in the community.
How do you handle criticism or resistance to your ideas?
By sharing stories and testimonials to reinforce your beliefs.
By engaging in open dialogue and seeking common ground.
By standing firm in your convictions .
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