Which type of eyewear is right for you?

Which of the following describes you?
Which age range do you fall within?
When do you see yourself using your glasses most?
While riding my motorcycle.
While out on the boat or at the beach.
While working with machinery.
While walking around town.
Do you use your motorcycle for long rides, or mostly shorter commutes?
Long rides (over an hour).
Short commutes (an hour or less).
What type of weather are you comfortable riding in?
I mostly ride when the weather is warm and/or sunny.
I ride when it is hot, cold, sunny, and cloudy.
Do you do any off-roading?
I tend to stick to what’s paved.
I ride whatever is in front of me.
Is style as important as functionality to you?
What is most important to you in a pair of glasses?
I need them to protect my eyes from physical harm.
I need them to block out the sun and reduce glare.
I need them to be comfortable and secure.
I need them to look good.
How often do you lose your sunglasses?
I lose a pair or three a year.
I don’t lose my sunglasses very frequently.
Do you get a lot of dirt, sweat, and/or grime on your sunglasses?
Yes, I’m constantly wiping them off.
No, they stay pretty clean.
Do you usually wear your glasses for everyday use as well as for boating and beach-going?
Do you use your sunglasses for high-energy activities like fishing, kayaking, or wake-boarding?
What is most important to you in a pair of sunglasses?
I need them to be durable.
I need them to stay clear of moisture and particulate.
I need them to look good with most outfits.
I need them to be easy to find no matter what.
What types of machinery do you typically work with?
Standard tools - Axes, hammers, hand saws, etc.
Power tools - Drills, power saws, grinders, etc.
Heavy machinery - Construction and agriculture equipment/vehicles.
Weaponry - Paint ball guns, air powered guns, hand guns, rifles, and automatic weapons.
Do your glasses need to function as sunglasses?
Yes, they need to shield my eyes from the sun.
Do you have any specific needs for your glasses that a normal pair typically wouldn’t cover?
Which of the following do you prefer?
When it comes to style, which do you prefer?
A classic look.
A modern look.
What are you looking for in a pair of sunglasses?
Something practical that I can wear with anything.
Something loud that will stand out in a crowd.
Is your look edgy? Or do you like to keep things simple and clean?
Simple and clean
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