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Which Parallax Species Are You?

Your job has some very specific requirements, ones that you cannot fufill as you are. Your home corp offers you a solution, for a price of course. Which would you choose?
Cybernetic enhancement. You can only improve upon perfection.
Alter my DNA. It can't hurt that much... right?
I'm fine just how I am, thanks.
What do you like to do in your downtime?
Spend some time outside. A hike in the woods or a dip in the ocean.
Find a bar. Day/night cycles are 24 hours long on Deneb! Let's get shots!
Read a classic from ancient Earth literature.
Working out. I never forget leg day!
Whatever my friends are doing.
Play games in VR.
Nothing... illegal.
What's your ideal planet like?
One with a lot of moons and rings; I won't be spending much time on the surface anyway so I should enjoy the view!
Lots of lakes, rivers, and oceans. Water is the source of life after all!
As untouched by Terrans as possible.
Developed and densely populated. I always want to have the opportunity to meet someone new or have an unique experience.
This is the future, you can't go wrong with a post-apocalyptic hellscape.
I'm not interested in making one planet my home. A space station or capital ship.
What's you ideal job like?
Anything with numbers or data. Gimmie those spreadsheets!
I prefer to work with my hands.
Really, anything where I can be around a lot of people.
I have very specific skills, so I'd like a technical job that's highly sought after.
I'd love to work in a biology-related field perhaps in medicine or with plants and animals.
Eh, why work for a corp when you can live off grid?
Something in a creative field.
What skillset do you have that you think would be most valuable to a corp?
I don't get sick or disoriented in zero G.
I'm great with people, everybody likes working with me.
I learn quickly and take on new skills with ease.
I'm tough. I can work in less than ideal conditions and I won't complain about it.
I can think quickly and read a room.
I have natural abilities than can be useful in many circumstances.
You see your friends having a fight. What do you do?
Do your best to de-escalate the situation.
Egg them on and hope for a knock out!
Take bets and bribe one of them to take the fall.
Offer to arbitrate, but for a price. Your time and brain power are valuable.
Let them work it out themselves, you have more important things to do.
If you could have one special ability, what would it be?
What does everyone want to do? Fly, of course!
If I could look like anyone else or just blend in, that would be great.
I've always been envious of animals and their enchanced senses and physical abilities.
Breathe underwater!
Smarter, faster, stronger.
Energy manipulation.
I want to feel perfectly comfortable in extreme conditions.
How would your friends describe you?
Laid-back and easy to get along with.
Life of the party!
Quiet and reserved.
Flighty and free-spirited.
Sometimes arrogant, but very honest.
A bit of a hot head.
A little... off.
How are you most likely to get hurt?
Trying to impress my friends. I'll never pass up a gravbike race.
I'm always tinkering or trying to fix something, so I'll probably shock myself.
Walking into a doorframe. I have trouble paying attention to my surroundings.
During a route in VR. But I'm always careful to bring ICE just in case.
Getting lost out in the wilderness.
I don't take many risks, plus, my corp will take care of me.
On the job. I do some dangerous work.
What's your social circle like?
I prefer to be alone.
Many friends and even more acquaintances. I know someone everywhere I go!
I have a few close friends I trust.
I'm friendly with a lot of people, but there's only one person who really knows me.
What are your thoughts on corporations?
They're great! They take care of their citizens!
Evil overlords that are only concerned about credits.
They have their pros and cons.
Choose a drink.
Herbal tea.
Drinking will cause me some... problems.
Black coffee.
Whatever new softdrink ShinyGrape is pushing.
Water. No need to get fancy.
Now choose a food.
Hot wings, extra spicy.
Pizza, any or no toppings!
If drinking is a problem, don't you think food will be as well? It is.
Veggie burger with sweet potato fries.
Anything cooked over an open fire.
Steak, rare.
A salad.
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