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What’s your go-to time management strategy?
a) Prioritizing tasks based on importance
b) Creating detailed daily schedules
c) Setting clear goals and deadlines
d) I struggle with time management.
How do you handle stress in your mompreneurial life?
a) Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques
b) Lean on a supportive network for help
c) Break tasks into smaller, manageable steps
d) Stress sometimes gets the best of me
What’s your favorite method for marketing your business?
a) Social media and online advertising
b) Word-of-mouth referrals
c) Content marketing and blogging
d) I’m still exploring marketing options
How do you nurture your creativity and innovation?
a) Regularly seeking inspiration from various sources
b) Collaborating with other entrepreneurs
c) Experimenting with new ideas and approaches
d) Creativity isn’t my strong suit
What’s your long-term vision for your mompreneur venture?
a) Scaling and expanding my business
b) Achieving a work-life balance that suits me
c) Becoming a thought leader in my industry
d) I’m still defining my vision
How do you handle setbacks or challenges in your business?
a) Stay persistent and keep trying.
b) Seek advice and support from my network.
c) Reevaluate and adapt my approach.
d) Sometimes, setbacks demotivate me.
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