What Type of Swapper Are You?

What's your main reason for swapping?
Save the planet & humanity
Stay organized
Get new clothes
Save money
What's your favorite social media platform?
Do you have a fluctuating body type?
Sometimes – Life happens, times change, enough said
Occasionally – I just completed my weight loss journey
Never – I’m pretty consistent
All the time – Rihanna’s my soul sister
Do you have children in your life?
Yes - I'm a mom (and so much more).
Zero - Adults only over here.
Some - I’m an aunt, grandmother, and older sister.
How clean & organized do you like to keep your closet?
Not at all - If I can find my clothes (kind of) it's a victory.
Extremely - I'm up there with Marie Kondo.
Working on it - I'm trying to get my closet in a more manageable place.
Somewhat - I do occasional upkeep
How social are you? (virtual social events count too...we're aware of what times these are)
In Between - I'm right in the middle. I'm not crazy social but I'm not crazy shy either.
Lone Wolf - I seek out and enjoy my alone time.
Social Butterfly - I see people all the time. I'm the life of the party.
Which of the below most closely describes your occupation?
Stay-at-Home Mom - Most of my days are spent supporting my children and household.
Student - I'm currently in school or training.
Hands-on (Photographer, computer programmer, esthetician, etc.) - I'm the person who physically 'makes the magic happen' with my technical skills.
Business Woman - I'm constantly on-the-go, in meetings, and making business deals.
How often do you like to switch up your look?
Sometimes - I'm still trying to figure out my signature style.
Occasionally - I like to try specific trends that catch my eye.
Constantly - I'm a fashion addict.
Rarely - I have a specific style and I like to stick to it.
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