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Who plays Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why?
Katherine Langford
Dylan Minnette
Miles Heizer
Christian Navarro
What is the title of the first episode of 13 Reasons Why?
Tape 1, Side A
The First Polaroid
Goodbye Liberty High
The Second Chance
What mental illness does Jessica Davis suffer from?
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
What was the name of the school that Clay and his friends attended?
Liberty High School
Hillcrest High
Crestmont College
Eastview Academy
Who wrote the novel on which 13 Reasons Why is based?
Jay Asher
Brian Yorkey
Tom McCarthy
Selena Gomez
What did Alex Standall do to himself at the end of Season 2?
Shot himself
Hung himself
Cut himself
What type of tapes were used by Hannah to tell her story?
Cassette Tapes
Vinyl Records
Digital Files
How many episodes are there in Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why?
What is the name of the group therapy session Clay attends?
Group Grief Counseling
Life Skills
Anger Management
Mental Health Awareness
Who is the guidance counselor at Liberty High?
Mrs. Bradley
Mr. Porter
Ms. O'Connor
Mr. Jensen
What is the name of the club formed by Clay and his friends to support each other?
Friends of Rachel Club
Honor Council
Student Council
Helping Hands
What is the name of Tyler Down's photography project?
“The Price of Silence”
“Truth or Consequences”
“The Weight of Words”
“Shadows of Guilt”
Who is the principal of Liberty High?
Principal Bolan
Principal Geist
Principal Jackson
Principal Diaz
Who directed the movie adaptation of 13 Reasons Why?
Tom McCarthy
Brian Yorkey
Selena Gomez
Jay Asher
What is the name of the bully who torments Marcus Cole?
Monty de la Cruz
Ryan Shaver
Zach Dempsey
Bryce Walker
What is the name of the drug dealer who supplies drugs to the students of Liberty High?
Winston Williams
Diego Torres
Charlie St. George
Jeff Atkins
What is the name of the character played by Brandon Flynn?
Justin Foley
Clay Jensen
Tyler Down
Zach Dempsey
What kind of car does Clay drive?
Volkswagen Jetta
Ford Mustang
Honda Civic
Toyota Corolla
What is the name of the college where Clay goes after graduating high school?
Brown University
Stanford University
Harvard University
Columbia University
What is the name of the girl Clay has a crush on?
Skye Miller
Ani Achola
Chloe Rice
Courtney Crimsen
Who is the main antagonist of the series?
Bryce Walker
Montgomery de la Cruz
Justin Foley
Zach Dempsey
What is the name of the song that plays over the opening credits?
“Oh In This World of Dread, Carry On”
“The Night We Met”
“Wake Me Up Inside”
What is the name of Clay's best friend?
Tony Padilla
Justin Foley
Zach Dempsey
Bryce Walker
What is the name of the person responsible for leaking the photos of Hannah?
Tyler Down
Alex Standall
Bryce Walker
Justin Foley
What is the name of the play written by Clay about Hannah?
“The Yellow Ribbon”
“The Blue String”
“The Black Notebook”
“The White Rose”
Who directs the majority of the episodes in 13 Reasons Why?
Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Carl Franklin
Gregg Araki
Tom McCarthy
What is the name of the company that produces 13 Reasons Why?
Paramount Television
Warner Bros.
Who plays the role of Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why?
Dylan Minnette
Christian Navarro
Brandon Flynn
Alisha Boe
What is the name of the woman who defends Hannah in court?
Lainie Hoffman
Sonya Zimmermann
Olivia Baker
Sarah Carlin
What is the name of the town where 13 Reasons Why takes place?
Crestmont, California
Riverdale, Virginia
Libertyville, Ohio
Mayfield, Texas
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