Test Your Knowledge of the Franco-Prussian War: Take This Quiz Now!

When did the Franco-Prussian War begin?
July 19th, 1870
August 2nd, 1871
June 15th, 1869
September 1st, 1872
Who was the leader of Prussia during the war?
Otto von Bismarck
Wilhelm I
Friedrich III
Helmuth von Moltke
What was the main cause of the war?
Conflict between France and Prussia over control of German states
Territorial disputes in the Rhineland
Religious differences between Catholics and Protestants
Economic competition between France and Prussia
How long did the war last?
Seven months
Four years
Nine weeks
Two years
Who declared war on France first?
What was the outcome of the war?
Prussia's victory with a unified Germany
French victory
A stalemate
Peaceful negotiations
Who was the commander of the French forces at the Battle of Sedan?
Patrice MacMahon
Napoleon III
Louis Jules Trochu
Jacques Leon Clément
Where was the decisive battle of the war fought?
What treaty ended the war?
Treaty of Frankfurt
Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Berlin
Treaty of Vienna
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