am i manipulative - take the quiz

Did you intentionally use deceptive tactics or withhold information to manipulate the other person?
Yes, I deliberately used deception (Type 4: The Deceiver: 3 points)
No, I did not use deceptive tactics (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point)
How did you exploit the other person's emotions or vulnerabilities to gain control?
I played on their insecurities or fears (Type 6: The Emotional Manipulator: 3 points)
I did not exploit their emotions or vulnerabilities (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point)
Did you employ guilt-tripping or manipulation through sympathy to get what you wanted?
Yes, I used guilt-tripping or sympathy manipulation (Type 7: The Sympathizer: 3 points)
No, I did not resort to guilt-tripping or sympathy manipulation (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point)
How did your manipulative actions impact the other person's trust in you?
It significantly damaged their trust (Type 8: The Betrayer: 3 points)
It had little to no effect on their trust (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point)
Were you aware of the potential negative consequences your manipulative behavior could have on the relationship?
Yes, I was fully aware (Type 9: The Calculating: 3 points)
No, I did not consider the potential consequences (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point)
Did you consider alternative ways to achieve your desired outcome without resorting to manipulation?
No, I did not consider any alternatives (Type 10: The Unyielding: 3 points)
Yes, I explored alternative approaches (Type 5: The Genuine: 1 point) Scoring: - 10-12 points: Type 5: The Genuine - 13-15 points: Type 4: The Deceiver - 16-18 points: Type 6: The Emotional Manipulator - 19-21 points: Type 7: The Sympathizer - 22-24 points: Type 8: The Betrayer - 25-27 points: Type 9: The Calculating - 28-30 points: Type 10: The Unyielding
{"name":"am i manipulative - take the quiz", "url":"","txt":"How often do you find yourself using flattery or compliments to get what you want?, Do you often use guilt trips or emotional manipulation to make others do things for you?, Are you skilled at reading people's emotions and using that knowledge to your advantage?","img":""}
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