Am I an Alcoholic

How often do you consume alcohol?
Rarely or never
Occasionally (once a month or less)
Regularly (once a week or more)
How many drinks do you typically have in one sitting?
1-2 drinks
3-4 drinks
5 or more drinks
Do you feel the need to drink alcohol to relax or feel better?
No, I can relax without alcohol
Sometimes, but not always
Yes, I often rely on alcohol for relaxation
Have you ever tried to cut down or control your alcohol consumption?
Yes, and I successfully reduced my drinking
Yes, but I struggled to reduce my drinking
No, I have never tried to cut down
Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking for a period of time?
No, I don't experience any withdrawal symptoms
Mild symptoms like headache or irritability
Severe symptoms like tremors or hallucinations
Have you ever experienced negative consequences due to your drinking (e.g., relationship problems, legal issues)?
No, my drinking has not caused any negative consequences
Yes, but they were minor or isolated incidents
Yes, I have faced significant negative consequences
Do you find it difficult to stop drinking once you start?
No, I can easily stop after one or two drinks
Sometimes, it depends on the situation
Yes, I struggle to stop once I start
Do you often drink alone?
No, I usually drink with others
Occasionally, but I prefer drinking with others
Yes, I frequently drink alone
Have you ever been told by others that your drinking is a concern?
No, nobody has expressed concern about my drinking
Yes, but it was only mentioned once or twice
Yes, multiple people have expressed concern
Do you feel guilty or ashamed about your drinking habits?
No, I don't feel guilty or ashamed
Sometimes, but it's not a constant feeling
Yes, I often feel guilty or ashamed
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