What type of e-bike do I need?

Why do I ride?
To let out my competitive side
To spend time with my family
To get dirty
To get to and from work while helping the environment
Which statement best describes you?
I don't like to sweat
I consider myself an athlete
I'm no athlete, but I like to compete with mates
I'm just wanting to get from A to B
I want to get out and about as much as possible with family and friends
What is your preferred path?
Rolling hills and fast flat roads
Mountain paths with twisting corners
Scenic paths with plenty of rest points
Flat roads preferably near the coast
I want to explore where the road ends
What distance suits you best?
Up to 5km
Up to 20km
Up to 50km
No limit
How would you describe your flexibility?
I'm a yoga master, my elbows touch my toes
I can touch my toes easily
If I try hard enough, I can nearly touch my toes
I lead sedentary life and can't touch my knees
What's your opinion of e-bikes?
Love them!
It's cheating
I like all types of bikes, but I wouldn't mix the two
I'm interested in trying them out.
What is your desired bike feature and accessory type?
Lights, racks, bags. Give it all to me!
Just make it light. I want to go fast!
This replaces my car, give me heaps of storage
I just want the battery to last
I don't have much storage. I want something that can be easily out of sight
How would you rate your riding skills?
I'm a confident rider and I love to go fast
I prefer flat roads. Steep roads make me nervous
Flat terrain suits me. Handling isn't so much of an issue
I'm new to riding and haven't ridden in over ten years.
What social perspective is best for you?
I want to ride with the family
I want to join a world tour
I want to see the sights with friends
Riding is more about getting to where I want to go safely
How much are you willing to spend?
No budget, just give me the best you've got!
I want the best performance for money (AU$5000)
My budget can stretch to around AU$3000
Anything under AU$2000
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