Men Perfume Personality Test

Your attitude toward skincare lotion is:
“That better have sunscreen in it.”
“I don’t think I use one“
“Use daily”
“Read the label and the fine-print before buying”
“Best brands only, no matter how expensive”
When single, the best plan of attack is to:
Sign up for a gym and see who else is there
Look out for ex-colleagues or classmates
Ask your friends to set you up with some eligible girls
Go to an online dating site
Try the local dance club
The best compliment you ever received from your boss was:
“You have so much energy.”
“You are practical and a team player.”
“You're really take care of people around you.”
“You're so professional.”
“You really are result oriented.”
What is your idea of perfect Saturday night?
Active- shooting pool, bowling, ice skating
Night out with dancing & drinks
Watching a movie with your partner
Easy dinner with friends or family
Networking or Hot date. Rest is waste of time!
I am:
Carefree and energetic
A cool headed person
A warm Hearted person
Responsible and careful
Perfectionist and controlling
Which words best describe you?
Cheerful, open minded
Easy, happy
Sweet & caring
Traditional, upstanding
Take charge, outspoken
Those who know me would describe me as:
Playful and casual
Easy-going and sensible
Romantic and caring
Confident and assertive
Adventurous and spontaneous
I consider myself to be:
My nature is best described as:
Genuine and fun-loving
Easy and practical
Accommodating and adjusting
Refined and sophisticated
Independent and unconstrained
At a party I would be:
Commanding everyone's attention
Sociable and open to meeting new people
Dancing to my favourite song
Laidback, hanging out with few close friends
The confident guest that commands attention naturally
The majority of clothing in my closet is:
Comfortable: Athletic attire
Practical: Jeans and t-shirts; mix and match
Dressy: Carefully chosen pants, matching shirt
Refined: Practical for both office & evening
Expensive: Tailored suit with handmade shoes
When I was young, I enjoyed spending time
Practicing sports
Cycling and playing outside
Playing board games
Reading books
Exploring the neighbourhood
I have always loved the scent of:
Fresh cut grass
Grandfather’s pipe
Cooking spices
During my free time on a Saturday I would like to do:
Working out at the gym
Strolling by the beach or Botanical garden
At a shopping mall
Taking care of my family
Braving a thrill-seeking adventure
The best way to calm your nerves before a job interview is:
Working out in the gym
Listening to your iPod
Thinking about what to wear
Doing Yoga or meditation
Preparing & ensuring that you know more than everyone else
Your ideal after-work way to wind down is:
Participating in active sports
Going to a beach or park
Having drinks at some bar
Checking out latest movie, watching TV at home
Upgrading your skills, learning new things
When it comes to your hair:
Cut short, crew cut. Don’t care much
Smart & very practical hairstyle
Good & carefully cut hairstyle
Same reliable stylist & same hair cut for ages
Only the best salon in town
The way you choose
First Impression matters
If it feels right and connects with you
Rather Carefully
It must match your philosophy & must fit with your plans
Your dream job is:
Olympic athlete
Discovery Channel photographer
Bistro owner
Stable, well-paying job that is good for family
Fortune 500 company CEO
My ideal vacation would be spent:
Hiking a mountain, bungee jumping, diving
Having fun on a white-sand beach or poolside
Sightseeing in countryside
Wining & Dining in Paris & visiting museums
Relaxing at an extremely luxurious resort
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