What NCW Personality Are You?

What's your perfect day?
Relaxing in the the woods with my jorts, flannel, and jar of apple Loomshine.
Going to an ICP show with my juggalos and juggalettes... Woop woop.
Hanging out in my sweatpants and going to the gym to overcome my Body Dismorphic Disorder.
Traveling through space and time utilizing my superpowers for good... and evil
Hanging out in the Dirt City.
Lecturing my followers on the benefits of Socialism.
Chilling at my favorite lounge sipping on some Jameson and hanging with my crew.
Training. All day, and all night.
Being the life of the party! With all my friends I paid to be there.
Watching squirrels play while laying out on picnic in the park.
Hanging with my squad talking trash about all the losers out there.
Feeding some fucking ducks.
Going to Applebees after watching a film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Following the rules.
My biggest fear.
A Shower.
My crippling case of face blindness.
Someone pulling the fire alarm during my match.
Someone pooping in my protein jar.
A Lumberjerk.
Forgetting my flannel and making Timmy Thunder bring me to Walmart to get a new one.
Getting bit.
My best friend going full evil and destroying my wedding.
Someone killing my vibe while showing off my sick dance moves.
Not regaining my championship.
Losing my scrunchie.
Wrestling in a tag team match in Somerville, MA
Getting a bad tattoo... Just kidding I make fun of people with bad tattoos.
Sony's Marvel Venom.
What was your favorite subject/extra-curricular in school?
Amateur Wrestling.
School? I skipped school.
I'm only 5 years old. Nap time.
Drivers Ed.
You'll never see me without--
A Scrunchie
A jug of water.
A neckbrace.
My leather jacket.
A jug of protein with poop in it.
My flannel.
A cape.
My Championship belt.
A sarcastic tee shirt.
A tattoo.
My punk rock vest.
A drink in my hand.
My Sunglasses.
A short sleeve button up shirt.
My favorite color?
Red and black.
Leopard print.
Black and yellow.
Pumpkin Orange.
Black and White.
Baby Blue.
What's your favorite food?
A protein bar.
I don't eat.
Grilled Chicken.
A jar of protein with poop in it.
A buffet.
Walking Tacos.
A jello and a nap.
Redd Robin.
What's your favorite movie?
Wet Hot American Summer
Police Academy 1-6... Mission to Moscow sucked.
Joe Dirt.
Batman 1989
Batman v. Superman. Can you believe both their Moms were named Martha?
Mean Girls.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar.
Back to the Future
Every single MCU film. It keeps me alive.
My finishing move is--
A chokeslam of some variety.
Never shutting up and putting us to sleep.
Suplex City bitch.
Triangle choke.
Gang beatdown.
Slapping the taste out of your stupid mouth.
A Hammer of some national origin.
Not understanding the rules to matches and botching the announcements.
COVER. 1, 2, 3!
My spirit animal is--
A Peacock.
A Rat.
A Dog
No time for pets.
Cute neighborhood squirrels.
A Snake.
A Turtle.
Doc Ozone.
Some fucking ducks behind the Dedham VFW.
A Cat.
Sgt. Sipowicz.
The best hairstyle is--
Long, luscious locks.
A beautiful bald head.
An ugly bald head.
Hair up in a pony.
Wild and free.
Long and greasy.
Spikey hair, don't care.
Crew Cut.
Slightly balding.
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