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The following are the characters that I created. You have to choose the one that you find most interesting. You can choose up to three characters. We will then see whose favorite wins.
Sara and Saira- Twins in exhortation Valley who wanted everything in life and were never thankful
Abdul Jalil -A restless boy who wanted to be everything in life and found that being human is being everything
Sara-a girl wounded by war that left blank areas in her mind and he tried to get back her painful memories so that she can cry
Kinza- a girl suffering from terminal illness who feared the corpse land where she saw herself rotting away
Saad-A boy with shaky world who couldn’t make decisions in life
A talkative soap sharer that had an adventure under water
The three friends living in isolated world • Half truth-a boy who spoke half truth • I am all lie- a boy who lied • I am full truth_ a boy who spoke all truth
Peeper and Peeping boy who wanted to peek inside the abandoned places
An ordinary hero who suffered because of living in a family with terrific traits and made an imaginary journey to dead crow’s cave
Miss never pleased-a girl who could never be pleased
Princess Alishba- A princess with a big crown hiding a secret
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