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Which poem do you think should win The Science Haiku Competition 2019?
#1 I dive in darkness // sink down to the deep sea bed // to find pearls of light.
#2 As a matter of fact // In most concerns and matters // Location matters
#3 Geometrical // continuum mechanics // and topology // provides physics with // all-embracing descriptions // by de Rham currents.
#4 Human enamel // Growing slower and thinner // Milk and fish to blame
#5 Activity probe // LOX is trapped with the probe, boom! // Enzyme detected
#6 A sleepness lab night // the petri dish infected // by the crumbs of KFC
#7 The lab stinks // and the field bites; // embrace the bioinformatics
#8 The Avengers Civil war but full of shit. // Who’s the good guy, who’s the bad? // It takes guts to find out!
#9 Wiping the dark cloth // aside on the glass over // the Silver Book page
#10 At the forest foot welling, // flickering light // of purest water
#11 Hazards and humans // Emergency Management // Needs evidence base
#12 Reviewer two wrote: // “Not a cutting-edge research” // Seems efforts don’t count
#13 Cancer is clever, // Immune system is smarter, // Let’s boost this killer
#14 Toads are missing ears?? // Lost and found over again // Evolving next door
#15 Climate change is here // Towards carbon storage we steer // Will it be enough, I fear
#16 Arsenic in the Andes hides // Can human natives thrive? // Adapted they surely are!
#17 Found any gold yet? // And then his sheepdog steals // the humerus // A thousand and two hundred years old // still the scapulas // of a little child
#18 Cells stuck in young state // Mature them to wrap neurons // Regrow myelin
#19 Prenatal mosaic // Each cell unique together // Develop their fates
#20 Ecology has rules; // who lives where and why, // that microbes may defy
#21 Microbes in small ponds // produce and consume methane // but which dominates?
#22 on a mountain top // against odds of random drift // plant adaptation
#23 A microbe’s defense // In ultraviolet presence? // Floral fluorescence.
#24 A bat flaps away. // Where are you, tagged animal? // Radio-silence.
#25 These pickup artists // Think sex is a marketplace // They keep suffering
#26 You can not buy love // It is an experience // Not a transaction
#27 Global warming leading to climate change! // Save the planet with ocean microbes, // Agulhas Current hard at work.
#28 Leaves fall like manna // Intercepted and held in // Secret compost piles
#29 Salvia’s small seeds // Blown by wind or washed by rain // Disperse to new sites
#30 Large seeds germinate // Small seeds stay dormant longer // Heterocarpy
#31 Wandering T cell // Redirected to attack // Finds a new purpose
#32 Light shines on the heart // Photons trigger the muscle // Human heart beats on
#33 Twelve false shooting stars // Record reflections of light // But how right are they?
#34 In stench of sulphur // microbes can exhale methane. // “Is there life on Mars?”
#35 Blood sugar rising, // My lifeline begins changing, // I’m growing, but why?
#36 Smartphone in every hand // Apps for every ailment // None ever so helpful
#37 fragmented // in A T C G // your laughter // Fulldome Festival // thoughts feel out // the event horizon // between two cells // the connection // I’m looking for
#38 Excruciating // Pain. Blot clot. Inflammation. // Stem cells sense, repair. // Wound inflammation // Maybe more than pain, does it // help regenerate? // Smash! Injury. Pain. // Needs fast regeneration // Who tells the stem cells?
#39 ceasefire agreement – // honeybees returning home // loaded with pollen
#40 sunflower field // shedding light // on dark matter
#41Humans drink antibiotics like cups of tea, // Bacteria flush it out like a bad memory, // The key to this resistance is to burst open // their Outer membrane protein treasury.
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