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Hardwicke Circus - My Sweet Love
The Indigo Rising - No Sound
Pryma - Masquerade
Reclaim Vienna - Joker
Tenderhooks - Travelling Underground
Brand New Zeros - Money Goes To Money
Chasing Shadows - Runaway's
Sam Lambeth - When I'm With You
Donna Harfield - Pure White
Buel - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Cody Feechan - Breathe
Alex Spencer - Things Just Come And Go
Oli Kenway - Permission To Speak
Maxx Silver - Can I Make It Through
Mark Byrne - A Life I Used To Chase
Jaap Stamina - Feel The Music
Aye - Impossible To possible
Vex Message - Data Regime
Adnama - Pissed In The Disco
Ha Ha Ha - Turning Test
Revivalry - Shame On You
The Dulvetons - Could I Be Wrong
Penelope's Thrill - Edge Of Town
Rydewolf - Private Dancer
The Amber List - New Day Is Dawning
Saturn Saturn Saturn - The Stare We're in
Futhermuckers - Mandy
The Shan - Grave Love
Stiletto Farm - State Of Stagnation
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