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The beauty of the web is the power of the URL and its inherent shareability and virality. Do games leverage this strength enough? How could the web platform enable web games to be more viral?
The web platform has come a long way since the days of Flash. Megahits such as Candy Crush and Clash Royale or indie games such as Among Us are completely achievable on the web today. So… why don’t more game developers build games for the web? In other words, what holds back web gaming?
The web platform was built on the ability to copy and paste snippets of code across pages. Developer tools ship with browsers, making it easy for people to inspect and copy game assets. Counterfeits of web games made their way to game platforms as a result. How can the IP of web games be better protected?
The spectrum of game design varies greatly across genres and styles of games. Some games are designed with manual dexterity and custom input mechanisms while others can be slow paced and accessible yet cerebrally challenging. To make something accessible requires designing for everyone. How can we make games more accessible generally? Do the fundamentals of how we design games, themselves, need to be challenged?
Imagine a world where ads didn’t exist for web games – how else could we monetise games on the web? This topic can explore decentralized monetisation, microtransactions, subscriptions, etc. Let’s think outside the wallet.
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