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Voting has now finished.

Hieronder vind je de keuzelijst voor deze week.
Vink je favoriete platen aan, maar niet meer dan 10 keuzes.
Als je op de STEM button geklikt hebt, kan je deze pagina weer wegklikken.
Here is the votinglist for this week.
Mark your favorite tracks, but no more than 10 choices.
After you have clicked on the STEM (vote) button, you can close this site.
Keuzelijst week 5
Joe Bonamassa - Time Clocks
Kensington - Do I Ever (Unplugged)
Golden Earring - The Song Is Over
Mell & Vintage Future - Shine Your Light
Eddie Vedder - The Haves
Within Temptation - Forsaken (The Aftermath)
Magnum - No Steppin' Stone
The New Shining - I See You
Tall Heights - FLyin' Overhead
Paul de Munnik & Meau - Stap Maar In Bij Mij
Morgan Wade - Run
Elbow - What Am I Without You
Walk The Moon - Win Anyway
For King & Country - Unsung Hero
Bastille - Shut Off The Light
Blaudzun - Wide Open
Eli Young Band - Love Talking
Nona - Liar
Barry Hay & JB Meijers - Unconditionally
Power-Haus & Tessa Rose Jackson - Away We Go
Aurora - A Dangerous Thing
Broken Brass & Pablo vd Poel - Broke
Jack White - Love Is Selfish
Scorpions - Rock Believer
Simple Minds - Act Of Love
Vanderlinde & Venice - Little Things
Richard Ashcroft & Liam Gallagher - C'Mon People
The Rasmus - Jezebel
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