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(SG8) Which theme sounds the most exciting? (Remember, all the modules will be made eventually, but this only determines which comes next!)
ASTEROIDS of IMPOSSIBILITY: You are being chased by an enemy warship and the only way to outrun them is...the asteroid field.
AIRPORT of DANGER: Hijackers have infiltrated the airport and it's up to you to stop them.
WASTELAND of SURVIVAL: Help your group navigate the deadly wastes and set up a new colony in your destroyed world after a nuclear war.
CELLAR of RATS: Become the hero of a small town with this classic quest.
DEPTHS of DEATH: Discover the lost Treasure of Captain Jacques and get back to the surface without drowning...and watch out for the sharks!
ELEVATOR of MADNESS: The skyscraper elevator has taken on a life of its own, and you must survive the ride of your life as you fight to get to the 1st floor.
LAIR of the MEDUSA: Make your way to the island of the Medusa and find her lair and defeat her without turning to stone.
MINES of DARKNESS: Make your way through the mines to the surface through pitch-black darkness.
PEAKS of ICE: Make your way to the top of the peaks to find a lost civilization...but watch out for the Yeti.
LAKE of the DRAGON: Enter the tunnels under the mountain to destroy the terrible dragon Flame and reclaim his stolen hoard.
PYRAMID of the MUMMY: Escape the Pyramid with the Golden Scarab without succumbing to the Mummy's Curse.
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