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What are the top reasons that affect your decisions on purchases at (multiple choices allowed)
You don't have the indicator I am seeking. [note: please tick "Other" at the end and fill in with the indicator description]
I wish you will have an "Indicator Exchange" program.
I'm just looking forward to great discounts or sales events to buy.
I wish you will provide subscriptions. I would like to subscribe monthly/quarterly rather than to pay a big upfront amount.
I wish you will provide trials. I'm ready to pay a reasonable amount for trials.
I'm waiting for your next indicator releases. Hurry, please!
I have bought most/all of the useful stuff from you.
I have bought indicators similar to yours from other vendors.
Your competitors' indicators are far better than yours. [note: please tick "Other" at the end and fill in with the indicator description]
I would like to see videos of your indicators in action.
I already have a stable system, which is great now! No need for more indicators.
I have no ideas how to connect your single indicators together to build a working system.
Inflation is hitting me hard. Have to save money for critical things!
Living in Europe, I must now save ALL money for electricity, energy, foods... to survive this winter!
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