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Swaylocks BOTM for January, 2023
  • Review submissions before voting
  • Choose your favorite build below and click the Vote button
  • Voting ends middle of February, 2023
  • Winner announced on Instagram and next Swaylocks Digest
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#1 / Wall Hanger by Stephan St. Louis
#2 / Everyday Rider by Justin Allen
#3 / Average Joe Model by Tim Caron
#4 / Aipa Inspired Kneeboard by Barry Snyder
#5 / Eggbeater by Joris de Longh
#6 / Mini Pintail Longboard by Paige Caron
#7 / Sinum Surfboards The Knife by Phillipe Martens
#8 / Duke Kahanamoku Popout Restoration by Dick Gregory
#9 / Redwood Paipo No. 5 by Mario
#10 / Eaton Reproduction by Jay Mickelsen
#11 / Triple Stringer Gun by Guilhem Rainfray
#12 / Handplane for bodysurfing by s110_garage_shape
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