Which Grishaverse Character Are You Most Like?

What is your best quality?
Quick Wit.
Ravishing looks.
In high stress situations you..?
Make a joke.
Come up with a plan.
Stay calm.
Flirt. Duh.
Stress eat.
What's your role in the group?
The Doer.
The Thinker.
The Fighter.
The Planner.
Not Sure.
If you were a Grisha, what kind would you be?
Materialki or Fabrikator.
Etherealki or Summoner.
I'll stick to traditional weapons.
I only need my brain, thanks.
Hard pass on all of the above.
Someone in the group has a secret, how do you get it out of them?
Get them to trust me.
Spy on them.
Butter them up with sweets.
Threaten them.
Let them keep it.
Pick a color.
None of these are my color.
Where would you most like to live?
Near the beach.
Where the sun always shines.
Someplace with opportunities.
Bring on the cold!
Anywhere with my friends/family.
What's your greatest fear?
Losing everyone I love.
Small spaces.
Being a monster.
Never doing anything worthwhile.
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