Does Your Business Need A Learning Management System?

What kind of organisation do you belong to?
A business with product and/or service offerings
A government institution
A non-government organisation
A training organisation
How do you onboard a new member of your team?
Using mostly paper-based materials: training modules, etc.
Using mostly electronic materials: PowerPoint presentations, etc.
Using mostly in-person mentorship
They learn on their own
A new compliance issue came up! How do you make sure everyone knows it well?
Send e-mail reminders with request of a completed screenshot
Message via WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
Physically check: sign-up sheet, personal visit
Trust that everyone will do it by deadline
When someone wants to learn a new job-critical skill, they mostly learn it by
Asking senior colleagues for training time
Doing individual research online
Using Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) databases
Trial and error on the job
Who keeps track of the learning and development in your team?
Human Resource department
Unit Manager
We look out for our self
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