What Non-Competitive Olympic Sport are you?

Are you competitive?
I ain't losing.
The Olympics aren't about competition. They're about friendship.
Does your endurance allow you to last more than 20 seconds?
Does 19 seconds count?
How do you feel about water?
Love it. I drink it all the time, even at the pool!
I wear floaties in the bathtub.
Solo or Team Deathmatch
There is an "i" in team.
tbh I need the help of teammates.
How do you feel about gun control?
"You mean, these guns?" *points at biceps
Hand and eye coordination?
Easy peasy
I can barely put food in my mouth
How much money do you have?
a lot
Please use strength in a sentence.
Strength? What is that?
Strong good.
What is your body control like?
I like to just wiggle around.
I've had body control since I was 5 and am quite proud of it.
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